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Empower your team with Engage Process for collaborative process management

Traditionally, a process management meeting might involve senior management, those with process management qualifications and years of experience. A top-down approach would be employed, and tasks delegated to a team, many of whom might not be in attendance. Although the objective of the process meeting would be to review and improve process efficiency, the outcome […]

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Engage Process offers a complete process management platform that is both powerful and easy to use. The cloud-based solution is designed to empower personnel, providing your entire team with access to a dynamic system that allows you to map out your processes in a live environment. By using Engage Process you can bring together all […]

Implementing Continuous Improvement with Engage Process

More than ever, the current financial climate has driven countless organisations to re-evaluate their costs and ongoing internal efficiencies. Promoting continuous improvement in the workplace and streamlining working practices using a recognised tool is now an option considered by many. Irrespective of whether you’re a government department or an SME, every organisation must acknowledge that […]

Benefits of Process Mapping with Engage Process

The value that a process-driven approach can provide to any project should not be underestimated. On a learning content development project, to accelerate development and avoid re-work, it is important to map out and lock down the processes that need to be captured before starting to develop your content.  During initial scoping discussions with our […]

Supporting Training Content Development with Engage Process

It is not unusual during the recording of IT training content and learning materials to encounter incomplete or incorrect system screens and/or scripts. A typical IT Project will consist of a complex matrix of workstreams for each area of the organisation, for example procure to pay, production, stock control, etc. Add to that an intricate […]

10 Key Features of a Good Process Management Tool

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Ensure Effective Process Management with Engage Process

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Bimba Case Study


Following the acquisition of Bimba by IMI Precision Engineering in 2018, the business needed to align Bimba’s processes and best practices to those across the wider IMI Group. This included how systems-based training would be delivered to their large user base. Bimba is a market leading manufacturer of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric motion solutions with […]

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Engage Process is a simple and intuitive process mapping tool that allows you to map your processes without the need for cumbersome post-it notes and “brown paper”. You can review your processes from different angles without the need to redraw them, as well as analyse their performance with just one click. Engage Process also allows […]

engage process mapping

The importance of Process Mapping in eLearning Design

Although Larmer Brown has been involved in more content development projects than I can begin to remember, developing the actual content is a small proportion of what we do. Identifying and recording the correct process (process mapping) often presents our biggest challenge! End to end processes, usually combining a new or upgraded system, result in a change […]