Tools to support your entire Learning Project

We appreciate that one tool will not suit every organisation's needs and we have extensive knowledge and experience of a broad selection of learning technologies. In addition to our own learning platform we are also able to offer tools to support your entire learning project, from Business Process Mapping to Content Development and Delivery, through partnerships with key software vendors. Our aim is to provide the right tool for your organisation and we will support you in making that choice.

In this section you will find detailed information about each of the tools that we can offer, as well as our technical and training services to support your implementation.

Larmer Brown Platform logo

Larmer Brown Platform

The Larmer Brown Platform is our powerful subscription-based learning platform for authoring and delivering learning content. It helps you manage all aspects of learning, including system rollout and performance support, change management, compliance and soft skills training, allowing you to easily create an end-to-end training strategy for your learners.


Larmer Brown Lite LMS

Larmer Brown Lite LMS

The Larmer Brown Lite LMS is a 'lightweight' learning content management system providing the key benefits of an LMS, without the heavy resource overhead. Offering streamlined learning management functionality, our Lite LMS makes it quick and easy to deliver relevant learning content specific to each learner's requirements, either as mandatory or optional courses.



Engage Process Modeler






Engage Process Suite

An innovative tool that was built specifically for workshop and LEAN studies, Engage Process Suite provides a visual and comprehensive solution that empowers those within your organisation who actually work with the process, to create, evaluate and agree multiple business scenarios.


dominKnow | ONE

dominKnow | ONE is an all-in-one cloud-based eLearning authoring system powered by a Learning Content Management System, working together as one. Your Content Authors can easily optimise and build more kinds of digital learning using fewer tools, managing content centrally, re-using assets, and collaborating as a team.