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Larmer LRS – Cloud-Based Learning Record Store


Unique analytics platform for learning reporting

Larmer LRS

The Larmer LRS is a cloud-based Learning Record Store using the Experience API (or xAPI) specification. Larmer LRS is not intended to replace your Learning Management System (LMS), but can work well in conjunction with it. Built for organisations of all sizes, including enterprise level, Larmer LRS collects all of your digital learning data, whilst recording and reporting on learner activity. Our LRS platform incorporates features that aren’t typically found in other LRSs, resulting in a unique analytics platform for learning reporting.

Learning Record Store

Larmer LRS is an official xAPI-Conformant LRS for storing and retrieving xAPI statements. We fully support all types of xAPI data, including statement signatures, binary attachments, and document stores. You can also import from other LRSs, forward statements, or export data out.

Learning Analytics

Powerful graphing and reporting tools help you organise your data and detect trends. You’ll gain valuable insights even from your first xAPI statements using our default dashboards. Take your analytics to the next level via the chart builder, advanced graph query tools, custom dashboards, and special support for common xAPI profiles.

Learner Portal

Larmer LRS can support some basic LMS use cases for managing users and content. Larmer LRS has a back-end interface for administering the content and a front-end interface for learners to login and launch the content.

Benefits of using an LRS

Where a Learning Management System (LMS) traditionally reports on data collected from packaged content stored within its system, an LRS is not so restricted. By using xAPI to track learning experiences, an LRS can collect data from a multitude of sources so everything can be tracked and reported, providing a more complete picture of what learners are learning. Using an LRS also enables organisations to track and analyse learner data at a granular level, and stipulate specific actions as a result of each outcome. We discuss the differences between LRS and LMS in further depth here.

Key Features of the Larmer LRS

The Larmer LRS has several unique features not typically found in other LRSs on the market, including:

Activity-Based Pricing

Our pricing model is based on the volume of activity and storage. There is no seat-based pricing where you pay per user.  You can start small, test the results and then step-up as required.


The hierarchical dashboards and the Learner login screen can be branded to reflect your corporate style.

Learner Portal

Not only is Larmer LRS a Learning Analytics Platform, but it can support some basic LMS use cases for managing users and content. Larmer LRS has a back-end interface for administering the content and a front-end interface for learners to login and launch the content.

Analytics & Dashboards

Our robust analytics and dashboard platform allows you (or us on your behalf) to monitor many metrics at once, it is possible to view correlations between different reports, identify and track learning trends. Larmer LRS provides several default views and dashboards “out-of-the-box” alternatively we can create custom dashboards on your behalf. You can also create multiple dashboard interfaces for different roles or permissions (e.g., learners, instructors, admins).

Larmer LRS offers a handy visualisation tool for creating charts without having to write any complicated code or queries. The Chart Builder tool provides a simple interface for building a wide variety of charts to visualise your xAPI data. You can create a single chart or a series of custom charts in the same view. It also fully supports xAPI context extensions and result extensions data.

In addition, the Larmer LRS analytics platform provides a querying tool for testing advanced queries in real-time. The Advanced Graph Query Tool simplifies querying by using an optimised query language, powered by the Veracity Query Language (VQL).

Integrate & Embed

Larmer LRS provides a unique architecture that enables LRS users to create custom integrations or extend LRS functionality by creating their own plug-ins.

We provide features that enable you to create custom dashboards and individual graphs and charts created in the LRS. Our dashboards enable easy sharing or integration of data into other locations, including internet sites and LMS platforms. The published dashboards are shared as embeddable links that can be secured with a password.

Import & Export Data

Larmer LRS offers several options for importing and exporting data as CSV, JSON, and data dumps via URL. We can export to several formats or create entire binary database exports, and we also support ingesting xAPI data from other sources. You can even build complex hierarchies of LRSs using Statement Forwarding. This is an excellent way to link together several LRSs into a network, so you can aggregate data from multiple accounts.

Advanced Queries & API

It can be difficult to query xAPI data, and querying over data using the standard xAPI search interface is limiting. Querying aggregations over various databases can be also challenging. Larmer LRS makes it easy to query and aggregate xAPI data. We take xAPI querying to the next level by offering a powerful advanced search API and a simplified query language (VQL) for complex queries and metrics. We also provide an LRS API to create and remove learners, lessons, and other data objects in the system, or to launch content.

VQL is the language used in Larmer LRS for more easily constructing queries over xAPI data. The power of VQL is that it provides operations specifically relevant to xAPI (rather than a generic database language). It also automatically switches between different database and processing technologies, using the database system best for a given task. VQL enables our LRS to leverage ElasticSearch or MongoDB – sometimes within the same query.

Multiple LRS Instances

Our platform features a multi-tenant architecture, allowing you to create multiple LRS instances for different regions, testing environments or data integrations.

Single Sign-On

Larmer LRS can be configured or integrated with OAuth or OpenID Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions. Our LRS has been used or tested with the OpenID Connect specification, and is compatible with OpenID providers such as OKTA, GLUU, and Auth0. OpenID is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol and makes SSO easier to implement.

Enterprise Scalability

Larmer LRS is designed to store hundreds of millions of xAPI statements, and tens of thousands of API calls per second. This means that our platform will never fail to scale.

Cloud-Based LRS

Larmer LRS runs directly from a web browser without any downloads or installations required. Larmer Brown hosts and maintains high-security servers, databases, and the code that runs the LRS in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

By default, we offer a highly secure cloud services to deploy and store LRS software instances and data. The scalability, availability and security provided by our hosting platform simplifies LRS deployment and the lack of end user licence greatly reduces customer costs. It also allows us to future-proof our LRS architecture for you. Customers can grow their architecture as their user and storage requirements grow. We have several Support and Training offerings, customised to meet your requirements.

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The Larmer LRS platform is powered by Veracity Learning and is licensed to Larmer Brown by Veracity Technology Consultants LLC. It is one of several digital learning platforms offered by Larmer Brown, alongside over 20 years’ experience in digital learning solutions.

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