eLearning Vendors - Larmer Brown Partnerships

We partner with other eLearning vendors and software organisations to provide complementary services solutions around their software applications. We have considerable experience delivering solutions for these products and provide a range of services to support the implementation of each of these.

Many of our case studies detail how these tools have been implemented for specific clients.

dominKnow Learning Systems

dominKnow | ONE, is an all-in-one cloud-based eLearning authoring system powered by a Learning Content Management System, working together as one. This enables you to easily optimize and build more kinds of digital learning using fewer tools, managing content centrally, reusing assets, and collaborating as a team. Larmer Brown is a Reseller and Services Partner for dominKnow Learning Systems offering services and support to ensure our clients achieve maximum benefit from their investment in the tool.

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Engage Process

Engage Process

Engage Process is a simple and powerful process management solution that helps bring transparency in your processes. As a Reseller and Services Partner for ENGAGE Process, Larmer Brown offers services including Training Workshops, Business Process Mapping Consultancy and resourcing.

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Epilogue Systems

Epilogue Systems

In 2018, Epilogue launched Opus, the first truly Cloud/SaaS Digital Adoption Platform built to support medium to large organizations with the implementation of their critical and complex applications. Opus documents how applications work and automatically generates the in-application contextual guidance and support users need to perform their application tasks successfully and productively in minutes. As a Reseller and Services Partner for the Opus platform, our services and support ensure that our clients achieve maximum benefit from their investment. This includes consultancy, training, content development, implementation and technical support.

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Guidethrough Pty Ltd

Guidethrough is all about delivering training to end users in the flow of work - ideal for digital change and transformation initiatives. As a Reseller for Guidethrough, Larmer Brown offers this platform to support system implementation projects and other training initiatives. Our tailored services ensure that our clients achieve maximum benefit from this performance support tool.

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LMS365 learning management with Office 365

LMS365 ApS

LMS365 unites leading-edge learning management technology with Office 365 to make learning part of your daily business process. With LMS365 you can train your distributed workforce using a single, unified platform your business already knows how to use. By leveraging your existing SharePoint or Office 365 environment, you can deliver state-of-the-art learning and training through a familiar environment, supported by cutting edge technology.

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Veracity Learning

Veracity Technology Consultants

Veracity Technology Consultants, LLC. provides world-class technology solutions to meet a variety of engineering, data, and systems integration requirements. They have extensive experience in technical implementation services and offer a unique range of skills in systems engineering, data integration, and learning tech standards expertise that all help to drive their forward-thinking innovations and solutions. They created Veracity Learning LRS.io, one of the leading xAPI Learning Record Store (LRS) applications and learning analytics platforms in the eLearning marketplace. The Larmer LRS platform is powered by Veracity Learning and is licensed to Larmer Brown by Veracity Technology Consultants LLC.

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