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A portfolio of services for Oracle User Productivity Kit

Our portfolio of services for Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) has been developed over more than 20 years project experience. We can offer you advice on how best to manage UPK End of Life and your migration to an alternative tool, as well as making the most out of UPK in the interim. Whether upgrading or implementing an application, managing change initiatives, capturing system processes or simply looking to increase user adoption, by utilising UPK together with our comprehensive UPK services you can achieve the results you expect out of your investment.

Our UPK Services are modular to accommodate the specific requirements of your UPK Project. Whatever your preference or investment, our objective is to ensure that your UPK Project is successful – on time and within budget.

We use our UPK Development Tracker on all of our UPK Projects to ensure everything runs smoothly. The Tracker provides real time reporting by continually interrogating the UPK database. Data is output to a desktop portal providing members of the Project Team with development statistics via a series of customisable graphs or tables. The Tracker is also available under Licence and is compatible with both UPK SQL and Oracle database UPK versions from 3.1 onwards.