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dominKnow | ONE is a powerful, cloud-based content creation and knowledge management platform that enables your Content Authors to work collaboratively to easily create, share and reuse engaging content faster. The dynamic publishing service provides a full end-to-end solution enabling you to deploy training, information and knowledge to your employees, customers and stakeholders wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Author Once for all Devices with dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform

Author Once for all Devices

Adaptive and responsive eLearning output lets you author once for all devices, all from a single source

Collaborate in Realtime with dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform

Collaborate in Realtime

Harness the power of your entire team (authors, designers, experts) with real-time collaboration

Share and Reuse Resources with dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform

Share and Re-use Resources

Quickly access, repurpose, or reuse content across any project, at any time

Engage Reviewers with dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform

Engage Reviewers

Get feedback from subject matter experts — wherever they are located, on the devices they choose to use

With dominKnow | ONE you can quickly create multiple types of learning content for use on any device. Bringing together traditional eLearning course development with powerful responsive authoring and built-in software simulation means that you need fewer tools to build more kinds of eLearning, faster.

The Flow mode within dominKnow | ONE enables you to create multiple types of responsive content without sacrificing functionality and user experience. Automatically adapting content to every device, Flow creates truly responsive eLearning, so you only need to author once for all devices.

If your content doesn’t need to be responsive, the Claro mode allows you to create traditional HTML5-based eLearning courses which will still adapt and scale to fit any size screen.

dominKnow | ONE comes integrated with a powerful and responsive simulator app, known as Capture, that allows you to easily incorporate software simulations, screen captures and animated GIFs into your eLearning courses. You can edit the recorded Capture steps and add audio. Simply drag and drop your completed Capture recording onto your content page and set it to behave as an interactive step-by-step video or a list of guided steps.

Experience Flow in the dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform


Flow outputs adaptive and fully responsive eLearning content so you don’t have to worry about specific devices or multiple versions of the same content.

Experience Claro in the dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform


Claro courses are designed for a fixed layout, but are HTML-5 based and scalable for viewing on laptops and desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

Experience Capture in the dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform


Use Capture to create cross-platform, software simulations for stand alone use or integration with other learning content.

Whether you’re new to content authoring, or highly experienced, dominKnow | ONE combines quick-start abilities with advanced customisation making it the ideal content authoring tool for beginners to advanced authors.

Pre-created themes, templates, layouts and stock assets enable you to get started fast. You can quickly convert PowerPoint files into engaging eLearning courses and import Word files, including images. Your content can also incorporate audio narration, music, animations and interactive video.

Themes can be utilised to maintain brand consistency and enable you to update the appearance of multiple courses in one simple step. A central media library stores and tracks all your assets so any team member can share, re-purpose or re-use content easily.

The roll back feature allows you to revert to an earlier version of your content if needed and with everything automatically saved to the cloud, there is no worry about losing your content.

Powerful Components

Pre-built tab sets, panels, carousels, flip cards and timelines

Learner Initiated Events

Actions and triggers such as show, hide, swap, lightbox and animate

Interactive Scenarios

Branching, navigation, and conditions enable learners to take control of their learning path

Personalised Experiences

System and custom variables to create highly individualised interactions, track learner usage for custom events and even create scoring or awards for gamification

Design Options

Themes, page, section, dynamic backgrounds, entrance effects to animate content

User Input and Progress

Form controls sliders, radio buttons, checkboxes, menus, progress bars and gauges to give learners immediate feedback

With dominKnow | ONE you can create more than just formal learning, and customise it however you wish:

  • Performance Support – create job aids, knowledge bases, product guides and support portals, to provide learners with additional support on the job.
  • Micro Learning – Create infographics, interactive videos, games, comics, timelines, story views and pin boards.

dominKnow | ONE enables you to create multiple types of content from a single source, and you can share and re-use each component of a learning program, saving you time and resources.

dominKnow | ONE’s adaptive workspaces can be changed to meet the needs of your authoring team, allowing you to give as much or as little access depending on an author’s experience and requirements. Custom Administrator roles can also be set up.

The built-in collaborative workflow and review features in dominKnow | ONE allow you to track your learning projects for improved management and progress measurement. All team members can work simultaneously on the same project with functionality that allows you to see version history, who has made changes, as well as review and provide feedback.

You can assign and manage authors and reviewers, as well as view, reply, add comments and resolve issues, all within the same interface. Set start and end dates for review and notify reviewers automatically. Reviewers can add comments to a page or specific element, which other reviewers can like or reply to.

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dominKnow | ONE meets guidelines for WCAG 2 Level AA, Section 508 and WAI-ARIA Compliance, so you can ensure your eLearning content is accessible and your learners get the experience they need and deserve. Visit dominKnow | ONE Accessibility Statement for more detailed information and guidance, and to download a PDF version of the full statement.

We also offer a training course for Content Authors and Instructional Designers on how to Create Accessible Learning Content using dominKnow | ONE.

Text and Focus

Add additional supportive accessibility text, where focus can be enabled or disabled


Add complete page audio/video transcripts to courses

Closed Captioning

Show, hide and toggle closed captions

Language ID for Screen Readers

Works with JAWS, NVDA, ChromeVox and other screen readers

WCAG Compliant Themes

Choose from multiple WCAG compliant themes

Publish to the dominKnow mobile app to create a library of courses that learners can access from anywhere online or offline, with full tracking and recording of learner data to their device. The Mobile Player can be branded and integrated with your LMS so all your mobile ready content (whether created in dominKnow | ONE or another tool) can be tracked offline and results sent back to your LMS when the learner has reconnected to the internet. Download our Mobile App datasheet for more information.

dominKnow | ONE simplifies the process of translating your eLearning courses, in three easy steps:

1. Clone any course and choose from over 50 pre-loaded languages that automatically update system text and course interface for things like tool tips and navigation.
2. Export text as an XML or Excel file for any common translation system.
3. Import translated text back into your cloned course.

You can preview the ‘parent’ course whilst working in your translated version and see all versions of a translated course when browsing your courses. Your content remains linked to the parent course for simple future updates across all versions.

Publish your dominKnow | ONE learning content as SCORM, xAPI, AICC, CMI5, Web or Print and use PENS for one-click uploading into your Learning Management System.

dominKnow | ONE automatically generates xAPI statements for almost any action your learners take. This enables you to easily leverage better data from a wider range of learner experiences and connect to one or more Learning Record Stores (LRS) in a few simple steps.

Streamline publishing and distribution with the dynamic ‘one-click’ publishing service. Convey is an optional hosting solution that sits between dominKnow | ONE and your LMS, to streamline your content publishing.

Convey hosts your content and makes it available to your LMS through the dominKnow SCORM Stub package, which connects to your Convey hosted content. This saves time by allowing you to publish updates directly to your LMS, ensuring learners have access to the most up-to-date content in the format they need it.

Larmer Brown exclusively offers single tenancy, security approved UK hosting for dominKnow | ONE. Our hosting solution is fully managed, providing dedicated, cutting-edge security from an ISO-accredited UK data centre. For our government and public sector clients, our hosting service has also achieved Cyber Essentials Plus certification and is available on the G-Cloud 13 framework. This ensures the very highest standards of security, business continuity and peace of mind for all of our clients.

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Larmer Brown offers services and support to ensure your content authoring team achieves maximum benefit from dominKnow | ONE. This includes training, content development services, implementation and technical support, as well as a Discovery Workshop and Key Author Workshops which get you up and running fast.


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