Traditionally, a process management meeting might involve senior management, those with process management qualifications and years of experience. A top-down approach would be employed, and tasks delegated to a team, many of whom might not be in attendance. Although the objective of the process meeting would be to review and improve process efficiency, the outcome would often deliver a strategic, high-level view without personal insight or experience, resulting in crucial gaps in the process.

When radical change is required, there is often good reason for a top-down view, however, this approach does not always result in an inspired team or positive change. This traditional approach fails to recognise the value of collaborative process management, involving those employees with day-to-day working experience of the processes. When a process has breaks or gaps because the right people were excluded from the process improvement discussions, a ‘hidden factory’ can emerge; employees attempt to fill the gaps in processes with what they believe should be done or continue with inefficient processes because it is what they have always done.

Engage Process offers a more inclusive and grounded approach to process management. The cloud-based tool promotes a collaborative, bottom-up approach that involves all the process ‘members’, capturing their knowledge and experience. Engage Process recognises that those who rely on the process to complete their daily tasks are the experts.

Engage Process is intuitive, dynamic and collaborative. It empowers your team to map the process at a granular level, including the various scenarios and exceptions. This article seeks to introduce you to Engage Process, outlining the features that will ensure a sustained positive change in process management for you and your team.

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When employees are actively involved in reviewing processes, their sense of ownership and the likelihood of success in identifying and implementing process improvements increases. The people you invite to the process management workshop should be those who are ‘working-in’ the process. These people are the experts. They know what does and doesn’t work, will flag exceptions, and provide the details that are crucial to a successful outcome, be it one or many processes. Process management tools need to be accessible to everyone and should not be complex. Engage Process does not require any specialised knowledge or training. It is intuitive and customisable, supporting the rapid creation of process maps that are relevant and meaningful to the entire team.

Building a process as a team is quick and easy using Engage Process. Centralised tables are populated to template key information relating to roles, costs, risks and applications. Processes are built and enhanced during a workshop session, and multiple scenarios or what-ifs’ can be discussed and recorded in minutes, either confirming or discounting process changes. If the change is not agreed, alterations can be made quickly and easily.

In reality, starting to map a new process is not always straightforward Engage’s Brainstorm app is a great place to start sharing ideas and making suggestions. With the right people contributing, it can quickly become clear what the current process actually is and where it needs to change. The Brainstorm app acts like your traditional Post-it note sessions: using colours, rows and columns you can start organising your team’s ideas into roles and process steps. If you can’t get everyone into a room together, employees can log into the session remotely and contribute in real time, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment. Digital Post-it notes can be dragged into an existing process within the platform, eliminating duplication of work and instantly creating a process that reflects the working experience and expertise of your team.

Engage Process Brainstorm

Engage Process allows your team to review processes in meaningful and relevant ways. Swimlane views show you different aspects of the same process: by role, system or value. For instance, you may wish to review your process in terms of who is responsible for different tasks, which applications are required in a process, or to identify process steps that may not add value to the customer. Swimlanes enable you to analyse by person or system automatically, enabling your team to quickly make informed decisions on any required changes.

Engage Process’ evaluation features make analysis of your process simple and quick to do. Instantly review processing and lead times, costs and a variety of other measures, according to your business’ needs. Quickly identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies using colour and/or numbers so the team understand what refinements are needed. There are plenty of measures and data available for your process specialists too; Engage Process is a tool for everyone.

With Engage Process you can evidence changes before you implement them by comparing ‘as-is’ with ‘to-be’ processes. Duplicating your process to create a future version of your process map is as simple as selecting ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’. Based on your analyses and team discussions, amend the process accordingly by adding, removing or editing process steps. Select ‘Evaluate’ and instantly see the impact of your changes. View these two processes alongside one another or select ‘Compare’ to analyse the differences between your processes. Engage Process helps create buy-in from your team as well as providing the evidence for management approval. A team who can see the effect of their involvement in a process is an empowered one.

Continual improvement requires that processes are continually reviewed and updated. Engage Process allows for continual improvement of team processes due to the collaborative nature of the platform. Updates to processes are quick and easy, regardless of where your team are located.

Engage Process enables you to solicit instant feedback and comments on your process using the Viewer app. If you can’t get everyone together it’s easy to share your processes and collaborate in real time. Your team may be dispersed and that one exception or detail missing from your process may be known to the team member who works elsewhere. Engage’s Viewer app ensures everyone can participate in building a process, regardless of whether they are in the room. Respond to comments, make required changes to your process and send it back out to review. Because the tool is online, this feedback is instantaneous. Teams can even access the Viewer app from their mobile phones.

Developing or updating a process inevitably creates tasks and actions. Engage Process provides an integrated project management tool (or scrum board) to help manage these actions: Teamboard. During your workshop or informal process mapping or brainstorm session, actions, requirements or risks that are identified can be converted into actions within a Teamboard, then further divided into tasks and delegated accordingly.

Track your tasks by status or priority and give your employees ownership and autonomy of their tasks. A process that has been scoped well with clear objectives and tasks is one that leads to increased buy-in. If your employees experience trust and autonomy, they are more likely to follow through with their tasks and process responsibilities and be inspired to effect real change.

Involve your entire workforce in the creation, review and evaluation of your processes to ensure ongoing business success. Create ownership of a process within the team by empowering your employees. Trust that they are the experts and encourage active participation by involving them in the brainstorm, build, analysis and review of processes. This increases morale and ensures that processes are being followed efficiently. Used by 100 UK organisations, Engage Process facilitates this approach by offering collaborative process management that can be utilised by your entire team.

For further support in collaborative process management, explore Engage Process and its capabilities or contact our Engage Process Team.