eLearning Standards and Best Practice Workshop

The development of eLearning Content can take thousands of man-hours. Understanding best practice and setting eLearning Standards that will improve quality, preserve existing content investments, increase Content Development efficiency and minimise re-work is crucial.

For many users eLearning Content will provide the first exposure to the target application and therefore their initial impressions will be set by this encounter. Research has shown that inconsistency in Content can distract learners from the training and significantly reduce its effectiveness. In order to ensure the most positive user adoption of the application it is important that the Content developed achieves the highest standard possible.

Larmer Brown has proven methodology for the development of eLearning Standards and adherence to best practice. It is imperative that agreed standards are clearly documented in order to ensure that the customisation choices made, and Content produced by each Project Team or area of the business meet the required standards in terms of corporate brand, price, quality, user engagement and deployment.

We have encapsulated our years of Development Project experience into a eLearning Standards and Best Practice Workshop which takes the Client through all aspects of setting up the development environment together with the application and policing of Development Standards. The objective of this Workshop is to guarantee the success of an organisation´s Content Development Project, ensuring the provision of knowledge so that the Client´s Team can be self-sufficient on future projects.

Critical factors for successful implementation include:

  • Development of consistent Content Standards for ease of use and accelerated end user learning
  • Ensuring Content and access methods map to the functional needs of end-users
  • Ensuring that Content complies with disability legislation
  • Setting Content options to ensure that specific required features are not disabled
  • Implementing Content QA standards
  • Improving Content Development productivity and deployment effectiveness
  • Reducing risk of re-development of Content and resulting impact on project timelines

Our Standards and Best Practice Workshop addresses:

  • Content Settings and Styles
  • Recording Standards and Considerations
  • Editing Standards and Considerations
  • Writing Style Guidelines
  • Use of Additional Features
  • Publishing Standards and Considerations
  • Customisations and Branding
  • Prototype Review
  • QA and Coaching