Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Enhancing Virtual Instructor-Led Training for Hybrid Working

As organisations continue to embrace new, more flexible ways of working, expanding their hybrid work environments to enable more employees to work remotely, the need for virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is more prevalent than ever. With a workforce that is more proficient in using digital tools and completing tasks online, the implementation of virtual instructor-led […]

How to Successfully Convert Classroom Training to Remote Learning

Guide to Successfully Convert Classroom Training to Remote Learning

These are challenging times for everyone. It’s more important than ever that learners have access to remote learning and, as Learning and Development professionals, we’re under immense pressure to make it happen. This may be a massive shift in strategy for organisations used to delivering training face to face. If your organisation currently delivers training […]

Immersive Learning

What is Immersive Learning?

When you hear the term immersive learning your first thought will most probably be toward a simulated experience using virtual and augmented reality because that is what is most publicised and discussed. However, it doesn’t have to be. Fundamentally, immersive learning is ‘digital storytelling’ that allows learners to drive the narrative. This can therefore be […]

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms: Improving the Remote Learning Experience

Over the past 12 months, learning and development and training teams have had to move quickly to find a virtual replacement for face to face training. This has forced us to rethink how we create and cultivate connections that were previously captured easily in the classroom. Microsoft Teams has proven to be a popular choice […]

Microsoft Teams for Collaborative Learning with LMS365

Using Microsoft Teams to Support Collaborative Learning

With over 115 million active users, Microsoft Teams has become one of the most utilised collaboration platforms for organisations looking to enhance their digital workspace. Our recent Poll on LinkedIn saw 50% of respondents* using Microsoft Teams as their primary delivery platform for online training. Microsoft Teams offers so much more than the basic video […]

Cost Benefits of eLearning versus Classroom Training

Learning and Development budgets are being stretched more than ever. With increasing pressure to find more efficient ways to deliver up-to-date training to a newly remote workforce, Managers are choosing to convert instructor-led, classroom training to eLearning, in a bid to save time and money. This article examines the potential cost benefits of eLearning compared […]

Classroom to Virtual Training

These are challenging times for everyone. As Learning & Development professionals we’re under immense pressure and it’s more important than ever that learners get access to remote learning. This may be a massive shift in strategy for some organisations who are used to delivering training face to face, in the classroom. Making the change to […]

Understanding Oracle UPK Professional

Understanding the differences between UPK and UPK Pro

What is Oracle UPK? Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit) is primarily a content development tool that can capture system process steps in any IT system and from a single capture create multiple online and documentation outputs to accelerate User Acceptance Testing, Training, User Adoption and Knowledge Retention. In addition, Oracle UPK can significantly ease the […]

Connect Plus Services -Learning Solution

An affordable learning solution combining process modelling, content development and content management

Rarely do we find one single tool that can meet all the known requirements of a Learning project; good content development is not just about the tool or even good looking content.  There are so many other factors to consider. Primarily we consider the capabilities of our learners, specifically how they learn, how (and if) […]