Technical eLearning Services

Larmer Brown´s reputation for Technical eLearning Services in relation to Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) and UPK Professional is unsurpassed. The format used to successfully deliver these services has been expanded to encompass the other tools we sell and use for Content Development, Delivery and Management Reporting.

Our Technical eLearning Services are available at four distinct levels, designed to meet your requirements and budget:

Installation, Configuration, Testing and Technical Workshop

This Workshop provides the Client´s Technical Specialists with an overview of the products and includes discussions around the infrastructure and supporting technologies. Our Technical Specialists work closely with our Client´s personnel throughout the installation and configuration process, providing an insight into typical issues and problem solving scenarios. Support documentation and an Installation Report are presented at the end of the Workshop.

Technical Consultancy

Based on the findings of the Technical Audit and Review Report, and taking into consideration the Client´s own resources as well as their system processes in relation to application integration and support, our Consultant initially installs, configures and tests the product installation. This service also includes the review and completion of our Client´s internal documentation, including application design, security reviews, feature and function specifications, business requirement reports as well as processes for testing, implementation and business as usual. The objective of this program is to provide a level of knowledge transfer sufficient that the Client´s own Technical Specialists are able to manage the application, meeting every criteria specified by internal compliance.

Technical Audit and Review

The duration of this assignment depends on the complexity of both the Client´s infrastructure and implementation. Our Technical Consultant meets with key project and technical personnel to gauge the technology available, business requirements and availability of internal resources. Following the meeting(s), our Consultant presents a Report sufficient to guide the business through the technical aspects of their installation and support phases. A project plan details installation criteria, configuration considerations and project support, as well as content development and testing requisites.

Application Lead

Should the Client wish to outsource all aspects of technical application management, we can offer a resource to take the role of Application Lead. The exact responsibility of this role varies from Client to Client but is a Managed Service and includes all of the Services detailed above. The Application Lead usually works alongside the Client´s Project Team, reporting to the IT or Project Manager until implementation. Post implementation a Larmer Brown Premier Support Contract is offered to manage all aspects of the application at the business as usual stage.