Content Development Service

The development of learning content can be complex and time consuming. Ensuring that your developed content addresses the requirements of the various elements of your Project Team, as well as your learners, can be a challenge. As with any project, experience is invaluable. Our Development Teams have extensive hands-on experience of scoping, planning and delivering content development projects to specific objectives and budgets.

Our development projects often incorporate both system and non-system content, reflecting an end-to-end Project. Our experience spans all business streams including Finance, P2P, HR/Payroll, SCM, CRM, Retail, Talent Management, BI and Reporting.

We have supported numerous enterprise implementations, utilising several different content development tools, and each client is a reference. Although the tools we use are powerful in terms of content development, they are not always an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution. Content development projects usually involve the development and sign-off of hundreds of processes and proven methods are essential if the Development Team is to work effectively and achieve targets, in terms of both time and budget.

We offer Content Developers and Instructional Designers either as part of our Team, or to support your own Development Team. Our Developers are both qualified and experienced and are offered at daily, weekly or project rates. Our Developers have project experience and offer added value in terms of best practice, standards training and mentoring. Our Senior Consultants offer a wide portfolio of services to support your own Project Team and have Lead Development, Content Project Management and Content Set-up Consultancy skills. They follow Prince2™ methodology and best practices, and most are Prince2 qualified.

Discovery Workshop

Our Discovery Workshop is a series of carefully planned sessions to ensure your team are fully prepared to implement your chosen content development tool within your organisation.

Our Discovery Workshop encompasses three key areas:
1. Features and Functions training
2. Content Development and Deployment options
3. Prototype Development and Documentation

Some of our Client Testimonials...

"I found the graphics really good, especially in the Introduction and games. I liked the interaction with the package; the games were really informative whilst being fun to do. The Chatbot gave options to try different answers and look at all available action to take….or not to take! Having a print feature on considerations/things to remember is beneficial.”

“Ease of watching and clarity of detail is good.”

“I really liked the video. As I am slightly dyslexic I find I learn more from visual training rather than reading lots of sentences. I also really liked the chatbot especially if it works as easy on handheld devices that officers carry.”

“Interactive and allowed to put learning into practise with the scenarios.”