eLearning Strategy - Scope and Readiness Review

The development and production of a Scope and Readiness Report enables an organisation to evaluate their eLearning strategy and ensure it incorporates all the dependencies relating to Content development and deployment into their overall Project plan. The integration of the Content development dependencies into the overall Project plan includes the requirements for technology, people and processes. This investment in planning reduces the risk of unexpected and excessive demands on critical resources such as IT specialists, subject matter experts and business process owners. The Report, presented at the conclusion of this Review, not only details all Content Development dependencies with a summary of readiness, it also includes critical timescales. The cost and availability of the various environments and infrastructures as well as internal and external resources are also reviewed and reported.

The time required for Larmer Brown to research, review and produce the Scope and Readiness Report is dependent upon the size and complexity of the Project and the level of detail required, in terms of readiness and risk analysis. For instance, small Projects can be reviewed in one day whereas a larger Project can take up to three days to review and report. Depending on the Client´s requirements this service can also incorporate a fully documented Technical Audit.

Prior to embarking on the development of a Scope and Readiness Report, Larmer Brown will meet with Client representatives to review the eLearning strategy and operational objectives of their Project. The Report includes factors that could affect the development of Content, both in terms of time and budget.

The Scope and Readiness Report includes:

  • Processes
  • Project phases
  • Resource requirements
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Environment considerations
  • Data
  • Application scope
  • Existing documentation
  • Training Strategy / TNA
  • Deployment phase(s)
  • Application modules
  • Deliverables
  • Budgetary considerations