UPK Managed Service

Whilst Oracle's announcement of the phased withdrawal of User Productivity Kit (UPK) has seen some organisations migrate to other content development platforms, many have chosen to maintain their UPK content, at least in the short to medium term. However, some of our clients have found themselves in a position where their internal UPK resource has depleted and although they do not wish to replace UPK, they’re uncertain whether it’s worth investing in re-deployment or recruitment and training to bring new content developers up to speed. Moving from an on-premise to a managed hosting model offers you the assurance that your UPK learning content is kept up-to-date and available to your users, with reduced operational costs.

We have over 20 years' UPK technical and development experience - a track record which has enabled us to offer a fully managed hosting service to our clients.

Supported by our Oracle Certified Technical Team, our UPK Managed Hosting Service provides a personal, affordable and risk-free option for clients wishing to reduce costs whilst maintaining an eLearning service for their users. Providing access to your Development Library, Published Content and the UPK Knowledge Centre, we will also manage the introduction of new or additional content, accessible to your users via a branded Training Portal.

For a competitive monthly subscription, your users will continue to receive all the benefits of your existing UPK eLearning content, as well as any new content if required, making it an extremely cost effective solution. Our service includes:

  • Transfer of your UPK Instance to our Secure, Hosted Environment
  • Testing and Configuration, including Developer installation and testing if you decide to develop in-house
  • Software Maintenance*
  • Monthly User Activity Reports
  • Optional Management and Maintenance of Content
  • Technical and Developer Support

*Subject to a valid Maintenance & Support Contract, we will manage any future upgrades and fixes