UPK Discovery Workshop

Achieve Maximum Benefit from UPK

Our UPK Discovery Workshop quickly and efficiently prepares you to achieve maximum benefit from Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK) throughout your UPK Project. In a series of carefully planned sessions we consider key features and functions of UPK, your Content Development and Deployment options and then move on to Prototype Development. This structured approach ensures that your UPK Content Development Team are ready to implement your UPK project.

In common with most powerful development environments, there is much to learn to be able to use UPK effectively and efficiently to support your system implementation or upgrade project. In addition to becoming skilful in recording and editing, it is vital that you correctly configure your development environment, set standards for the look, feel and function of your learning content and manage development to avoid inconsistent output or missed timelines. All of these factors are considered and planned for during the UPK Discovery Workshop sessions.

UPK Features and Functions
Review Training & Business Strategy
Agree Content Standards
Prototype Development
Review & Finalise Prototype
Creation of Discovery Report
Present Final Prototype & Report