Fast and simple conversion and migration of existing UPK content

As Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) approaches end of life, the Larmer Brown UPK Migration Service offers a fast, simple and cost-effective way to convert your existing UPK content so that it is available for you in the Larmer Brown Platform.

How the UPK Conversion Works

An exclusive combination of a proprietary software conversion tool together with a thorough validation and verification process converts your content into a format that can be imported into the Larmer Brown Platform.

All we need is a UPK ODARC file (source content) to begin the process. Your ODARCs are analysed and converted using a secure, validated and fast process - with average completion in less than five business days.

We undertake a full validation of your content before it is returned to you, to ensure that you get a like-for-like conversion.  A comprehensive analysis encompasses a step-by-step comparison of your legacy content with the converted Larmer Brown Platform content - in both Demo (See It!) and Practice (Try It!) modes. Any discrepancies in the two versions of content are fixed in real time.

Content Development Expertise

The conversion process is managed by a team of experienced Content Developers who are experts in both UPK and the Larmer Brown Platform.

If you would like to make any changes or further develop your content once the UPK conversion is complete, we can provide additional content development services. We also offer Consultancy, Technical, Training and Support Services designed to ensure your Authors are able to confidently cross-train to the Larmer Brown Platform, minimising any reduction in productivity.

Fast Estimate

Upon receipt of your ODARC file, which can be uploaded to a secure server, we will run our counting utility on your content and then provide you with an estimate of the time it will take to complete the UPK conversion process for you, as well as confirm the cost of the work. This estimate is provided without obligation and free of charge.

For you to fully appreciate the power of our UPK Migration Service, we also offer a complimentary Proof of Concept session. During this session we showcase your content in the Larmer Brown Platform, enabling you to review and ask questions to confirm your understanding.