Opus Digital Adoption Platform


Digital Adoption, Change and Transformation Solution

Opus® Digital Adoption Platform

Opus® is a cloud-based enterprise digital adoption platform created by Epilogue Systems. The Opus platform will support the entire lifecycle of your organisation’s IT project and streamlines the adoption process for end users. From initial configuration and system testing through to onboarding new users or supporting existing users.

Opus was designed and built for enterprise-level applications. The software supports the adoption of all applications including Oracle, SAP, Workday, Service Now and Microsoft, without the need for any integrations, API’s or plug-ins. With the Opus workflow functionality, IT project teams can easily manage the learning content authoring process through the recording, editing, reviewing, and publishing of content, no matter the size and scale of the enterprise application.

Your subject matter experts can quickly and simply document processes using Opus, by guiding them through the required actions in the enterprise application as they normally would. The Opus software records the steps taken and uses the power of its cloud-based algorithms to automatically generate target editable assets for these processes. This may include assets such as Demo and Interactive Simulations, In-application Support (Performance Support), Job Aids, User Acceptance Test Scripts, Self-Assessments, or Tin Can/xAPI and SCORM compliant outputs.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

A Digital Adoption Platform is essential in supporting digital transformation and enterprise software rollouts by empowering users to adopt new technologies, to leverage the full potential of enterprise software. Digital Adoption Platforms help organisations manage change and minimise the challenges faced when onboarding a large user base, ensuring the success of an enterprise software rollout. 

IT Project teams can utilise a Digital Adoption Platform to capture system processes that facilitate learning and accelerate user adoption. These captured processes can be used in classroom training, deployed as eLearning simulations, as well as provide guided in-application support for users on-the-job, whilst working within the enterprise application.

Digital Adoption Platform Benefits

An effective Enterprise Digital Adoption Platform can help improve the success of a digital transformation project and speed up return on investment for new enterprise software by:

  • Unleashing the full potential and productivity of users, improving user adoption and usage
  • Reducing the usual drop in productivity immediately after a new enterprise software rollout
  • Increasing training success and employee satisfaction by motivating and engaging users
  • Making the IT training process more versatile
  • Helping users quickly grasp and adhere to new system processes and decreasing user errors
  • Reducing IT support calls

Epilogue Systems and Larmer Brown

Larmer Brown has been delivering learning solutions for more than three decades, supporting clients with their learning initiatives and training programmes using a variety of content development tools. Our primary objective is to help organisations realise the desired business benefit from their software through the implementation of content development and training delivery programs.

We are a Reseller and Services Partner for Epilogue Systems, offering their cloud-based Opus digital adoption software to support our clients’ implementation programs. Our services and support ensure that you achieve maximum benefit from your investment. This includes consultancy, training, content development, implementation and technical support, as well as a Discovery Workshop which gets you up and running fast.

Features of the Opus Digital Adoption Solution

Create Digital Content Easily


Manage Workflow and Collaboration

Drive End User Engagement

Track and Report Learning Effectiveness

Create Digital Content Easily

Experience fast and seamless content creation for pre and post go-live activities. From one recording, generate content for system testing, eLearning, classroom manuals, assessments, job aids and simulations.

  • Easy drag and drop editor to add insights, to improve knowledge transfer
  • Generate multiple outputs for in-application guidance, training, assessment, User Acceptance Testing and compliance
  • Perfect for subject matter experts to storyboard processes, with no training required to record task execution
An example of the Opus platform content creation tool shown on a desktop computer screen
An example of the Opus platform workflow collaboration features shown on a desktop computer screen

Manage Workflow and Collaboration

By optimising communication, Opus enables collaboration between teams at every stage of the digital adoption process

  • Workflow, Project/Task and Content Management for creating, reviewing, approving and maintaining content
  • Create and enable standards for content look and feel
  • Edit and update flow through to existing content
  • Opus Dashboard gives “air traffic control” view of workflow and activity

Drive End User Engagement

By offering in-application training and support, you can decrease time to adoption as your users can directly practice within the application as they work

  • Support users in-application, increasing satisfaction and productivity
  • Reduce time to adoption and competency
  • Reduce support calls and peer disruption
An example of the Opus platform in-application training features shown on a desktop computer screen
An example of the Opus platform training and reporting features shown on a desktop computer screen

Opus includes Management Reports which present detailed tracking data including user activity and achievement, user management and content analytics. Data is displayed in tabular format and can be output for further analysis or import into any third-party application. Our Onboarding Services provide further guidance on the use of Opus data. In addition, if required industry standard analytical tools can be utilised to extend the complexity and number of Reports.

Here’s a summary of the data sets that can be downloaded from Opus:

  • Published Content
  • Task Detail Report
  • Activity Log
  • Learning Activities
  • User Management
  • Operational Analytics

Why Choose Opus® for Enterprise Digital Adoption?

Improve User Digital Adoption

Make applications easier to navigate and use effectively by deploying intelligent, embedded support across your entire application ecosystem

Enhance User Proficiency

Increase knowledge retention by guiding users through complex tasks either online, in the classroom or on-the-job. Supporting users at the point of need, whilst live in the application, improving user retention

Bolster Effectiveness of Change Programs

Train more users, more effectively, and in less time with in-application guidance to support your change and communication programs

Improve Collaboration Workflow Management

Built-in workflow manages projects, teams, tasks and content. Operational analytics help understand the health of digital adoption efforts

Track and Report User Activity

Monitor user activity, enabling you to evaluate how the digital learning content has been utilised

Single Source Editing, Multiple Outputs

From a single recording file, generate multiple output types. Edit one file and updates are automatically deployed to all associates asset

Leveraging Expertise for Authoring

Leverage application SMEs for recording application tasks in which they are expert

Modern, Intuitive User Interface

A clean and simple UI makes Opus simple and easy to use for admins, recorders/SMEs, editors and end users

SCORM and xAPI Compliant

Works with your LMS, helping to enhance existing L&D efforts plus add user activity to your xAPI learning repository

Cloud-Based Digital Adoption

No need for on-premise hardware, desktop components or maintenance and support contracts, with built-in backup and disaster recovery

YouTube player

The interactive walkthrough feature in Opus, known as Follow Me, allows you to quickly create an in-application overlay that walks your users through your business processes whilst working in the live application. This walkthrough content is created automatically with the other Opus outputs, so there is no need for any additional recording.

UPK Content Conversion

If you are looking for UPK content migration functionality to convert learning content created in Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK), Opus offers a robust UPK content converter that allows you to bulk convert your UPK ODARC files into fully editable files.

An example of the Opus platform content converter shown on a desktop computer screen

Larmer Brown Opus Services

Our Opus Services are designed to quickly and efficiently prepare you to achieve maximum benefit from this powerful digital adoption platform, in order to ensure the tool can effectively support your IT projects. In addition to becoming skillful in authoring and editing, it is vital that your environment is correctly configured, and you set standards for the look, feel and function of your content.

Discovery Workshop

Our Discovery Workshop comprises a series of carefully planned sessions to prepare your team for implementation, including Opus Features and Functions Walkthrough, Prototype Development and Documentation, as well as Content Development and Deployment options.

Author Training Workshop

Our Author Workshop is customised according to the delegates experience and training needs. During a series of feature / function training sessions, delegates are encouraged to consolidate their knowledge via hands-on tasks.

Content Development

Once the Content Development Standards and any prototypes have been agreed, our team of Content Developers can support your team in the development of your learning content, or manage the project on your behalf.

Contact our Digital Adoption Team

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