Learning Management for the Modern Digital Workplace

LMS365 unites leading-edge learning management technology with Microsoft 365 to make learning part of your daily business process.

With LMS365 you can train your distributed workforce using a single, unified platform your business already knows how to use. By leveraging your existing Microsoft 365, SharePoint or Teams environment, you can deliver state-of-the-art learning and training through a familiar environment, supported by cutting edge technology.

An LMS built for Microsoft 365

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

Create Courses
Administrators can create courses easily and make them available immediately in your course catalogue. Features include: * Course Creator * Course Catalogue * Configurable course registration and enrolment * End to end course automation
Deliver Content
Learners can access content anytime, anywhere and complete training when they want. Features include: * SCORM Player * Assignment * Gradebook * Learning path that supports multiple content types * Quiz engine with different question types
Track and Manage
Learners and Managers can log into their account to follow training progress instantly. Features include: * Overall administration * Track all training * Reporting * Certificates * Learner Dashboard for instant, personalised training overview

LMS365 provides a suite of learning management features that are added directly into your existing Microsoft 365 SharePoint or Teams platform, including:

Course Creator and Catalogue

The LMS365 Course Creator turns SharePoint sites and content into formalised, enrolled courses that make the most of Microsoft 365’s collaborative features.

The Course Catalogue provides learners with an efficient and dynamic way to find relevant learning that suits their needs.

  • Display a list of all courses or allow learners to search by category.
  • Identify required courses and due dates.
  • Show learners which courses they’re already taking.
  • Learners can enrol or unenroll from a course in one click.
LMS365 Course Catalogue
LMS365 Learning Modules

Learning Module Builder

The Learning Module Builder lets you combine quizzes, SCORM training and any SharePoint or web content into a pre-defined learning module with sequenced learning steps. Learners can move to the next step only after they’ve completed the last.

Themes can be utilised to maintain brand consistency across your learning management platform, as well as ensure your authors use up-to-date content. You can also update the appearance of multiple courses in one simple step.

Quiz Builder

Use the LMS365 Quiz Builder to create attractive, easy-to-use quizzes that enable learners to test and demonstrate their knowledge. Place each quiz on its own dedicated ‘home’ page, embed it next to relevant content on any SharePoint page, or include it in any LMS365 course. Different question types are available.

Learners can view personal progress from their Training Dashboard, where rewards and leader boards provide further motivation to learn and gain the recognition they deserve.

LMS365 Learners Dashboard
LMS365 Learning Management Reporting


The Administration and Reporting feature allows you to configure, control and track learner progress. You can export to Excel or use Power BI to create stunning reports in just a few clicks.

LMS365 offers your workforce the opportunity to learn and collaborate within a familiar interface, no matter where they are

A Totally Integrated Experience

Once a training course has been assigned, it will appear directly in the Outlook inbox of your learners.

When you enroll into classroom courses or webinars, you will receive an invitation directly in your inbox and calendar, ensuring that your schedule is always kept up to date. If the training event is re-scheduled you are automatically notified and your calendar is updated.

LMS365 MS Office Integration

Learner Collaboration

The Microsoft 365 Certified LMS365 App allows you to leverage Microsoft Teams for training, opening up a whole new level of social collaboration. The chat-based interface of Microsoft Teams allows your workforce to work together on the various course topics in a fun and informal manner. The LMS365 Teams Bot will help your learners locate their training and courses.

SCORM Player and Mobile App

A Mobile App for iOS, Android and Windows provides learners with access to a personalised learning experience from their mobile devices, including the ability to take SCORM content offline.

LMS365 Mobile App

Why is LMS365 the right learning management solution for you?

Engage Learners with their daily working environment
Get up and running in minutes with a familiar user interface
Scale to meet the needs of any size distributed workforce
Enable employees to help each other become more productive
Take advantage of your existing Microsoft 365 based business process
Eliminate the need to install, integrate and manage third party web services
Deploy formal courses or just-in-time training anywhere in the business process
Use existing Microsoft competencies to customise the learning experience and include branding

Our Services

Incorporating technical consultancy, training and support, our LMS365 implementation services are designed to ensure you are quickly and efficiently prepared to achieve maximum benefit from this robust learning management platform. Our Services comprise a series of carefully planned sessions to effectively prepare your organisation for implementation, including:

Including a Technical call to discuss the pre-requisites for installation and set-up. The installation requirements for LMS365 are minimal but do include SharePoint online and Azure ID for each user
Discovery Workshop
With a customised Agenda designed to provide key stakeholders with a thorough understanding of LMS365 and how the technology can support your learning objectives

Facilitated training to ensure understanding of LMS365 and help minimise Support calls. Customised to your requirements and delivered face to face or online

Including technical, feature/ function support and consulting if required, as well as escalation with software vendor. Support Agreements available in multiples of 8 hours