Larmer Brown Platform - Managed Hosting Service

Our Managed Hosting Service for the Larmer Brown Platform includes a broad scope of technical and consultancy services designed to ensure you gain the most benefit from your investment in the tool. This can include:

  • Installation, configuration and testing
  • Ongoing software management
  • Customised branding
  • Creation of appropriate learning paths
  • End user management
  • User activity tracking
  • Management reporting
  • Telephone support

Content Authoring

Our Managed Hosting Service includes access to a collaborative, multi-author environment for your learning content development and deployment. Installation and configuration includes security, roles and permissions as well as Developer, Instant Developer and Desktop Assistant installations.

Lite LMS

A ‘Lite’ LMS tracks and reports Learner activity and achievement and our Managed Hosting Service ensures Learners have access to applicable learning and support content, e.g. by job role. In addition, Training Administrators can access realtime reports 24/7.

The Larmer Brown Platform, including the ‘Lite’ LMS, can be customised to reflect your corporate branding.

Technical Services

When a new version of the Larmer Brown Platform is released, we provide in-depth demonstrations of the new features, enabling you to make an informed decision about if and when to upgrade. Should you decide to upgrade, this work is included within your Hosting Agreement, as is the application of any Service Packs or Bug fixes. Technical Support is also included.


Authors and Learners can access the Larmer Brown Platform via several different secure forms of authentication. All user activity can be tracked and reported.


Telephone support is available to Named Authors who have completed the requisite training courses within the duration of our Hosting Service.