Larmer Brown Platform - Discovery Workshop

There is much to learn to be able to utilise the Larmer Brown Platform effectively and efficiently to support your learning content development project. In addition to becoming skilful in recording and editing, it is vital that your environment is correctly configured, and you set standards for the look, feel and function of your content.

Our Discovery Workshop comprises a series of carefully planned Workshop sessions that efficiently prepare your organisation to achieve maximum benefit from the Larmer Brown Platform.

Delivered by our experienced Consultants, these sessions will guide you through the discovery and mobilisation phases of your project to ensure that your team is fully prepared for implementation.

Our Discovery Workshop encompasses three key areas:

1. Larmer Brown Platform Features and Functions
2. Content Development and Deployment Options
3. Prototype Development and Documentation

Who Should Attend

  • Project Manager and/or Training Lead
  • Lead Content Authors
  • Administrators
  • Other Project Stakeholders, as necessary