Larmer Brown Platform - Content Development Service

The Larmer Brown Platform is powerful in terms of content development and deployment but it is not an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, so when it comes to choosing a development partner to support use of the tool for your content development project, there is no substitute for experience.

Content development projects can include the creation and sign-off of hundreds of visual designs, processes and other learning assets. Proven methods are therefore essential if your development effort is to be effective and achieves targets, in terms of both time and budget.

By utilising our Content Development Service, you can ensure that you meet each of your objectives and your learning project reaches a successful outcome. Provided we can scope the development of your project, we offer a fixed price service.

Encompassing all aspects of a professional development project, our Content Development Service provides a phased approach to the planning and implementation of your content development project, including:


In order to ensure your content development project is successful, you need to start with a carefully constructed and structured plan. Our Discovery Workshop includes sessions to align content development to any related project plans, assigning roles and responsibilities, as well as the creation of a Work Plan reflecting any dependencies, risks and recommendations.

Key factors such as Change Management, user adoption, training strategy and delivery are discussed and agreed during the Discovery Workshop.

A Content Prototype is built and presented, confirming in-depth demonstrations and discussions. Once approved, the Discovery Report is presented in a Reference Guide format.

Technical Services

As part of the planning process, we will undertake an audit of your Larmer Brown Platform installation (if on premise), including configuration and testing - development methodology dictates the environments required. Technical support is provided throughout.


Depending on the scope and timelines of your learning project, a team of Content Developers are assigned. Content standards and style guidelines are developed and approved during the Discovery Workshop, providing stringent guiding principles throughout the development phase.

Considerations such as accessibility (disability legislation), user demographics, infrastructure and corporate branding are all incorporated into prototype processes. Once prototypes are approved, a Standards Document is produced.

Our content development methodology incorporates up to nine phases of development to ensure your content meets the required standards.


This includes the consideration of access and security, creation of a Work Plan and work package assignment, escalations and reporting.


The Lead Developer is responsible for circulating a daily update email summarising activity and achievement. Any risks are highlighted. A weekly status report provides a summary of all content development work, any risks and issues together with the actual Vs predicted development rate, to ensure you are fully up-to-date at all times.