Content Authoring with the Larmer Brown Platform

The Larmer Brown Platform simplifies content authoring by providing a solution that is single source and enables you to repackage content in different formats for use in multiple learning scenarios -  eLearning, classroom documentation, quick reference, context-sensitive help as well as test scripts for any application. This allows you to offer a blended learning solution, combining formal classroom training and informal self-enablement, with minimal effort.

In addition to creating eLearning and training documentation, the platform also allows you to make your learning content available directly within an application via three types of Performance Support. This is especially effective for reducing learning curves associated with software changes.

By capturing context sensitive content during your system recording process, instructions, advisory messages or suggested support assets can appear automatically, providing proactive support to the user when they are working in an application. This level of Performance Support enables your users to complete tasks quickly and efficiently on-the-job without unnecessary distraction.


A feature-rich tool that allows Content Authors to capture software processes and create fully interactive software simulations. These enable learners to practice and test their understanding in exact simulations of the recorded application. Your Authors can also create content containing audio, video and animation, further enhancing the learning experience.

Instant Developer

Become an Author with minimal training, using the Instant Developer. Content can be imported into the Developer for further enhancement, or published directly for learner consumption.


Content Authors can collaborate as content development teams as the Manager offers full task management, version control and workflow. This collaborative working ensures that your learning content can be created to a defined style, re-using assets and providing an enterprise content development solution.

Learners can access their content directly from this ‘Lite' LMS, without the requirement for a third party LMS. Tracking and reporting on learner progress is also built into the tool.

Desktop Assistant

The Desktop Assistant provides performance support for users straight from their desktop in the form of simulations, guided tours and context sensitive help.


We offer three facilitated training courses that provide an introduction to the content authoring capabilities of the Larmer Brown Platform as well as offering the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of the basic and advanced features and functions of the tool, to get your content development team up and running fast.