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Engage Process Suite


Simplifying Process Improvement

Simplifying process management and empowering your workforce

Engage Process Suite offers a complete process management platform encompassing Engage Process Modeler and Engage Process Viewer, as well as six supporting modules. Utilising this powerful yet easy to use solution, process teams can quickly and simply create multiple business scenarios defining the ‘as is’ versus various ‘to be’ processes for analysis, discussion and documentation.

A cloud-based solution, the Suite is designed to empower key personnel within the business. It is not a ‘formal’ business process tool, but a dynamic graphical solution.

Engage Process Modeler

The Engage Process Modeler offers over 100 distinct differences from traditional process management tools, adding tangible value to business process methodology by allowing process teams to interactively map and evaluate processes at a granular level, and make improvements, all in one single session.

Using the Modeler within workshops enables process management teams to quickly capture and display entire scenarios graphically, including responsibility by job role with estimated timings. The unique single screen interface allows teams to work on the process model without the need to move through frames, pages or post-it notes.

By accessing all this functionality within one platform, process experts can work more efficiently, facilitating effective and productive business process workshops.

Communication links with other software including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio enable you to share models with other personnel quickly and easily.

Simplified process management


Engage Process Viewer

The Engage Process Viewer provides anyone in your organisation immediate access to the recorded processes. Processes mapped in the Modeler can be shared to the Viewer instantly, allowing users to view them in a browser or via the Viewer App for Windows, iOS and Android tablets.

The Viewer can display all details included in a process and has an integrated Feedback module to support continuous improvement. It also enables organisations to export processes into a Digital Process Handbook, a key requirement for ISO certification.

The Suite offers six additional modules that support centralised process management. All modules are available in the Suite Gold and Platinum. Version choice is dependent on the number of User and Viewer Licences required.

  • Tables - a central repository for defining and managing entities such as documents, roles, IT systems
  • Brainstorm - App for digital brainstorming during workshops with larger groups
  • Authorisation and User Manager - central management of users and their rights
  • Publisher - facilitates process publication routes, including custom landing pages, intranet integration and version history
  • Feedback - online continuous improvement module facilitating interaction between process owners and users
  • Upload - integrated document vault to upload documents, pictures and forms

Built for process mapping directly in "real time", i.e. workshops

Save 50% of time compared with process mapping in Visio

'As is' and 'to be' comparison in one screen

Instantly switch between multiple layouts

Functions and views in one unique, single display allows employees to participate instantly

Automatic process structure updates with simple drag and drop functionality

Include relevant facts and data to enrich each process step

Easily evaluate processes by lead time, cost, processing time and more, to quickly identify bottlenecks

View statistics and create reports tailored to your audience

Intuitive interface resembling Microsoft Office

Process design, analysis and improvement cycles reduced to just days

Instant publish function to create a read- only internet environment that includes a discussion platform

User Training

We offer user training services to ensure that you get the most out of this comprehensive process management platform. Our facilitated training provides delegates with a solid understanding of the features and functions of Engage Process Suite. The course structure ensures that delegates not only learn the features but understand how these can be successfully applied on their own projects.