Free dominKnow | ONE Licencing for Medical and Education Teams

Create Content Quickly and Collaboratively

In recognition of the challenges facing the medical and education sectors at the moment, and to show our support during these difficult times, we’re offering a one-year dominKnow | ONE Teams, without charge. This offer is limited to Content Authors / Trainers working within medical organisations, the National Health Service or in schools or colleges funded by government.

dominKnow | ONE is not only a great tool for creating online learning, it’s also ideal for working as a team. You can create content collaboratively and easily invite reviewers to provide feedback on your content. dominKnow | ONE is a hosted, web-based tool that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. Your Learners only require access to the internet and any Browser to consume the content you have developed.

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A Teams Licence offers access to dominKnow | ONE for up to four authors. You can publish any dominKnow | ONE content that you create to your own Learning Management System (LMS) or your own website. There’s no limitation of the features available to you and no restriction on how much content you publish or how many learners access the content. The content you publish is yours to keep and use, even if you don’t continue using dominKnow | ONE.

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