dominKnow | ONE Services

In common with most powerful development environments, there is much to learn to be able to use dominKnow | ONE effectively and efficiently. In addition to becoming skilful in authoring and editing, it is vital that you set standards for the look, feel and function of the content and manage development to avoid inconsistent output or missed timelines.

We have successfully delivered many large development projects using various content development technologies. We offer training, content development, implementation and support services designed to help organisations who wish to use their own resources for their dominKnow | ONE projects, but need to manage risk.

Discovery Workshop

The Discovery Workshop ensures that your team is fully prepared to implement dominKnow | ONE within your organisation. During an initial briefing call, our Instructor will discuss any specific requirements and work to ensure that each delegate achieves the maximum benefit from attending the Workshop. The Workshop encompasses three key areas:

  1. dominKnow | ONE Features and Functions
  2. Content Development and Deployment Options
  3. Prototype Development and Documentation

Key Author Workshop

Our Key Author Workshop provides a platform to brief your dominKnow | ONE Content Development Team on the strategy agreed and any prototypes developed during the discovery sessions.

Variables Workshop

Using Variables throughout your dominKnow | ONE course content will enrich the interactive learning experience for your target audience. There are countless ways in which authors can use variables, from the basic system variables to complex, customised variables with conditions, that will add a level of programming-like control to your authoring skills.

Our dominKnow | ONE Variables Workshop is delivered as interactive small group sessions with a combination of pre-built scenario based examples and live demonstrations.

Create Accessible Learning Content Workshop

Accessible eLearning content provides a richer learning experience for all users and should form the basis of your content development best practice and design standards. Our accessibility workshop will introduce delegates to the theories and definitions underpinning accessible content design, as well as the standards and regulations that must be followed to create WCAG compliant content.

Author Support

All Authors receive access to telephone support for a specified time following the Workshop. This enables you to quickly and efficiently deliver against your content development plan, ensuring you achieve maximum benefit from your investment in dominKnow | ONE.