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dominKnow | ONE Sample Content

We have created a selection of example courses using dominKnow | ONE, to demonstrate the range and style of learning content that can easily be created using the tool. Click on an image to access the course, or scan the QR code to access the course from your mobile device.

Whilst we strive to make all of our learning content as accessible as possible, please note that these sample courses have been designed to demonstrate specific functionality within dominKnow | ONE and as a result may not be fully compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508 accessibility standards.

dominKnow supports Section 508, WCAG 2 Level AA, and WAI-ARIA compliance for accessibility of learning content created using dominKnow | ONE. Should you require assistance in meeting accessibility standards, we can offer advice on additional steps that authors can take, at a design level, to ensure content is fully accessible.

The Train Journey

This dominKnow Flow sample course has been designed to provide different branching scenarios to see if you can make the right choices to make it to your interview on time. The second example includes audio narration as well as captions. Click on the image to access the course, or scan the QR code underneath the image to view the course on your mobile device

Course without Audio
Course with Audio and Script

Bill and Ted

This example tells the story of Bill and Ted, again offering different branching scenarios to see if you can make the right choices that will help Bill save Ted after his accident. The course includes audio narration and captions to support the story. Scan the QR code to view the course on your mobile device.

Equality and Diversity Course

To demonstrate how easily dominKnow | ONE can be used to design courses that incorporate the key principles of immersive learning, we have created four examples of a corporate Diversity course, beginning with a basic course and then adding additional elements to make the content more immersive for the learner. Click the image or scan the QR code on your mobile device to access each example

Basic Text
Scenario with Images
Scenario-Based Text
Scenario with Animation

Equality and Diversity Course

The following examples each use the same Equality and Diversity Course content but are shown in different layouts, which can be changed very easily in dominKnow | ONE

Pinned Menu
Knowledge Base
Story View

System Simulation Course

This course provides an introduction to Microsoft Office and has been created using the Capture application in dominKnow | ONE