Technical Services for CA PA

As ‘Go Live’ approaches for your CA PA project, IT resources and project teams are frequently over-stretched and naturally focus on project-crical events. During this phase, the importance of the training and content database, as well as management of user training environments, is often overlooked. Once the project is live, the Project Team inevitably moves on, but the need to maintain and support the learning content remains.

We offer a selection of CA PA Technical Services options tailored to meet specific needs. Our CA PA Technical Services ensure that we take ownership of your support requirements and report any software issues through the appropriate channels.

Installation, Configuration and Testing
Ongoing Software Management, including upgrades, bug fixes and service packs
Customised Branding
Configuration of CA PA Manager structure for deployment
End User Management including enrolment and role changes
Tracking User Activity via Learning Reporter
Management Reporting
Telephone Support, technical or developer

Content Hosting

In conjunction with our Support Services, we are also able to offer a Hosting Service, providing a fully managed development and publishing environment.

Tailored Support

In order to deliver a fully customised service, our Support Service provides a ‘shopping list’ of offerings to meet your exact requirements. Support is offered in one day / 7.5 hour segments or via an annual agreement.