Larmer Brown partners with Epilogue Systems to offer the Opus digital adoption platform as replacement for Oracle UPK

Press Release: UK, Hampshire, 21 September 2022

Larmer Brown Limited has announced a Partnership Agreement with US company Epilogue Systems to resell their Opus digital adoption platform within the UK and EMEA. Through this agreement, Larmer Brown will become a Reseller and Services Partner for Opus offering specialised experience and expertise around the implementation of training programmes for large-scale IT projects.

Opus is a cloud-based digital adoption solution that provides user support content throughout the lifecycle of an IT Project, from initial project planning through to onboarding new users, as well as supporting existing users.

Designed and built for enterprise-level applications, the platform supports user adoption of all applications (including Oracle, SAP, Workday, ServiceNow and Microsoft) enabling subject matter experts to quickly capture processes, by executing them in the enterprise application as they normally would.  Developed by the original UPK Team, Opus records the steps and automatically generates editable assets (including Job Aids, Demo and Interactive Simulations, User Acceptance Test Scripts, and Self-Assessments) which can be output to a Learning Management System or Learning Record Store, as well as accessed directly from within the user’s target application as context sensitive Performance Support.

Larmer Brown has worked with Oracle UPK for over 25 years and has been seeking a viable replacement for the learning content development platform since Oracle announced it would be withdrawing support for the tool in December 2022.

“Many of our clients have been using UPK to develop their eLearning for some time and have invested considerable resource into it, so naturally they don’t want to put this investment at risk when replacing UPK,” explained Janice Brown, Managing Director at Larmer Brown.

“We selected Opus as our recommended replacement for UPK because it was developed by an experienced team who also developed UPK and, in many respects, it’s a slicker incarnation of the tool. Not only does it offer all the features that can be found in UPK, but it also contains a robust UPK Content Converter that enables our clients to quickly and easily transfer their existing UPK content in bulk. The converted files become Opus files and are fully editable, so our UPK clients can be up and running with their UPK replacement tool very quickly,” Janice added.

Vincent Lucey, Head of Sales for Epilogue Opus, added "Larmer Brown are the most widely recognised experts in Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) in EMEA, and we are proud to Partner with them in migrating existing UPK customers to a safe harbour solution, which converts that UPK content in bulk at the ODARC level in minutes."

About Larmer Brown

Larmer Brown has provided change management and learning solutions to corporate clients since 1984. Previously a classroom training company with five regional offices, they have evolved into a services organisation closely associated with large ERP projects. Larmer Brown’s primary objective is to help organisations realise the desired business benefit from their software applications, through successful User Adoption Programmes.

About Epilogue Systems

Epilogue Systems is a B2B SaaS provider of Opus, a Digital Adoption Solution that makes learning and using your critical, complex and enterprise applications easier.

Opus overcomes user adoption of complex applications used by medium to large entities. Our DAP documents how applications work and automatically generates the in-application contextual guidance and support users need to perform their application tasks successfully and productively. In addition, Opus automatically generates other forms of software documentation for compliance, user acceptance testing, training and other purposes.


For more information please contact the Marketing Team at Larmer Brown.