Larmer LRS Webinars

The Larmer LRS offers recording and reporting on Learner activity and achievement using the Experience API (xAPI) specification. Not a replacement for a Learning Management System, although often used in conjunction with one, the Larmer LRS incorporates features not typically found in other LRSs resulting in a unique analytics platform for learning reporting. During this […]

Opus Digital Adoption Webinar Registration

Webinar: Walk Users through your new and upgraded IT System using Opus Follow Me Walkthrough software is used to guide IT users on-the-job, working like an overlay which sits over the top of the application. It recognises where the user is within the live application and provides step-by-step guidance that ‘walks’ them through the entire […]

Larmer Brown on UK Government G-Cloud 13 Procurement Framework

Hampshire-based Learning Solutions Consultancy Larmer Brown has received confirmation of their place on the G-Cloud 13 Procurement Framework.  The company’s application included the provision of eLearning content development services as well as various content development tools and learning management platforms. Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring […]

Larmer Brown Partners with Epilogue Systems

Larmer Brown Limited has announced a Partnership Agreement with US company Epilogue Systems to resell their Opus digital adoption platform within the UK and EMEA. Through this agreement, Larmer Brown will become a Reseller and Services Partner for Opus offering specialised experience and expertise around the implementation of training programmes for large-scale IT projects. Opus […]

Opus Digital Adoption Platform

Opus Digital Adoption Platform

Opus® is a cloud-based enterprise digital adoption platform created by Epilogue Systems. The Opus platform will support the entire lifecycle of your organisation’s IT project and streamlines the adoption process for end users. From initial configuration and system testing through to onboarding new users or supporting existing users. Opus was designed and built for enterprise-level […]

End User Digital Adoption

Larmer Brown has over 30 years’ experience in the creation and deployment of IT Training. We can support you in sourcing the right digital adoption tools and offer modular, flexible and affordable services. What we can offer: Content Development Applications – record training content once and publish for eLearning, Support and Classroom Training. Read our […]

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Enhancing Virtual Instructor-Led Training for Hybrid Working

As organisations continue to embrace new, more flexible ways of working, expanding their hybrid work environments to enable more employees to work remotely, the need for virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is more prevalent than ever. With a workforce that is more proficient in using digital tools and completing tasks online, the implementation of virtual instructor-led […]

Remote Working and Learning

Successfully Implementing Remote Working and Learning

The Shift to Remote Working Creates New Opportunities As employees shifted to remote work last year, many found that it was possible to collaborate and communicate via shared tools, resulting in accelerated adoption of digital technologies across all industries, as reported by McKinsey. Though the pandemic brought plenty of less desirable life changes, it also […]

How to Successfully Convert Classroom Training to Remote Learning

Guide to Successfully Convert Classroom Training to Remote Learning

These are challenging times for everyone. It’s more important than ever that learners have access to remote learning and, as Learning and Development professionals, we’re under immense pressure to make it happen. This may be a massive shift in strategy for organisations used to delivering training face to face. If your organisation currently delivers training […]

Immersive Learning

What is Immersive Learning?

When you hear the term immersive learning your first thought will most probably be toward a simulated experience using virtual and augmented reality because that is what is most publicised and discussed. However, it doesn’t have to be. Fundamentally, immersive learning is ‘digital storytelling’ that allows learners to drive the narrative. This can therefore be […]