What is a Learning Record Store?

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Interactive Walkthrough for IT Training

Using Interactive Walkthrough for IT Training

According to a study undertaken by technological research firm Gartner, between 55-75% of all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects fail or don’t meet their objectives. Amongst others, a common reason for ERP project failure is due to the platform users’ inability to understand and adjust to a change in process or platform, or both. Whether […]

7 Benefits of Electronic Performance Support Systems

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Larmer Brown Partners with Epilogue Systems

Larmer Brown Limited has announced a Partnership Agreement with US company Epilogue Systems to resell their Opus digital adoption platform within the UK and EMEA. Through this agreement, Larmer Brown will become a Reseller and Services Partner for Opus offering specialised experience and expertise around the implementation of training programmes for large-scale IT projects. Opus […]

Using Electronic Performance Support to Drive Digital Adoption

Your enterprise software is a powerful tool, but to harness it effectively irrespective of the technology, your workforce must adopt it by using it accurately and intelligently. Whether you’re undertaking a new implementation or upgrading an existing system, it’s essential that your workforce understands how to use it to ensure that productivity remains high. This […]

Opus Digital Adoption Platform

Opus Digital Adoption Platform

Opus® is a cloud-based enterprise digital adoption platform created by Epilogue Systems. The Opus platform will support the entire lifecycle of your organisation’s IT project and streamlines the adoption process for end users. From initial configuration and system testing through to onboarding new users or supporting existing users. Opus was designed and built for enterprise-level […]

Guidethrough Performance Support


Guidethrough offers on-the-job performance support by providing on-screen steps and automated process navigation embedded within any live web application. Guided learning is displayed in a sequence of steps that can be triggered by the end user or auto-played as needed, navigating the user through every step in the process.

Making the right choice for Training Users on New Software

The sooner your users become competent and confident with your new or upgraded ERP system, the quicker the software will deliver ROI. Providing a comprehensive and well considered user training solution not only helps ensure compliance with your business processes, but it also helps increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Implementing a user training solution may […]

Effective Training and Support can drive Sales

No matter what software you are selling, you will no doubt recognise the benefits of offering some form of after-sales training – if for no other reason than to reduce the volume of support desk calls. But offering an effective Training and Support solution takes this much further, ensuring that your clients achieve successful implementations […]

Learning at Work is the most Effective Way to Learn

With Learning at Work Week just around the corner (13th to 19th May 2019 – @CforLearning) it seems pertinent to talk about the value of learning ‘on the job’. I don’t mean throwing new employees in at the deep end and letting them ‘pick it up as you go along’. I refer to a much […]