Engage Process Team Collaboration

Empower your team with Engage Process for collaborative process management

Traditionally, a process management meeting might involve senior management, those with process management qualifications and years of experience. A top-down approach would be employed, and tasks delegated to a team, many of whom might not be in attendance. Although the objective of the process meeting would be to review and improve process efficiency, the outcome […]


LRS vs LMS: A comparison for tracking and reporting digital learning

Learning technology has come a long way since the first Learning Management System was developed in the 1990s. With most people now using mobile devices to access the internet, content is much more easily accessible and readily available. The concept of informal, social learning is also more prevalent, whereby learning occurs in a social context […]

Unsupported Software: Avoiding Cybersecurity Risks to your Business

Unsupported Software: Avoiding Cybersecurity Risks to your Business

Unsupported software refers to any software in use within an organisation that is no longer supported by the vendor, i.e. the provision of updates and technical ‘patches’ or fixes. There are several reasons why an organisation may be using unsupported software.  In some instances, an organisation may have no choice than to continue using “legacy” […]

Interactive Walkthrough for IT Training

Using Interactive Walkthrough for IT Training

According to a study undertaken by technological research firm Gartner, between 55-75% of all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects fail or don’t meet their objectives. Amongst others, a common reason for ERP project failure is due to the platform users’ inability to understand and adjust to a change in process or platform, or both. Whether […]

Implementing Continuous Improvement with Engage Process

More than ever, the current financial climate has driven countless organisations to re-evaluate their costs and ongoing internal efficiencies. Promoting continuous improvement in the workplace and streamlining working practices using a recognised tool is now an option considered by many. Irrespective of whether you’re a government department or an SME, every organisation must acknowledge that […]

Benefits of Process Mapping with Engage Process

The value that a process-driven approach can provide to any project should not be underestimated. On a learning content development project, to accelerate development and avoid re-work, it is important to map out and lock down the processes that need to be captured before starting to develop your content.  During initial scoping discussions with our […]

Supporting Training Content Development with Engage Process

It is not unusual during the recording of IT training content and learning materials to encounter incomplete or incorrect system screens and/or scripts. A typical IT Project will consist of a complex matrix of workstreams for each area of the organisation, for example procure to pay, production, stock control, etc. Add to that an intricate […]

Using Electronic Performance Support to Drive Digital Adoption

Your enterprise software is a powerful tool, but to harness it effectively irrespective of the technology, your workforce must adopt it by using it accurately and intelligently. Whether you’re undertaking a new implementation or upgrading an existing system, it’s essential that your workforce understands how to use it to ensure that productivity remains high. This […]

upk replacement and alternatives

UPK Replacement Conversion and Migration

Support for Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) ended in December 2022. Although there is no set date at which point organisations will have to stop using the tool, organisations are understandably concerned about the risks of continuing to use this unsupported software. Oracle has not issued any updates for Browsers or Operating Systems and UPK […]