Content Development – Awareness and Planning Workshop

Any eLearning Content Development Project is a significant undertaking, especially when new tools are being introduced. It is important that the use of the tool by the different members of the team is scoped, planned and implemented in a proven and consistent way so that deliverables will be available on time.

The introduction of new processes, especially to support the use of a rapid-development tool has implications across the entire Project and will usually affect most members of the Project Team. The Awareness and Planning Sessions(s) for eLearning Content Development are in effect an internal Change and Communication exercise. As with all change initiatives, setting the right expectation as to what is going to happen and why avoids resistance and confusion.

Larmer Brown has delivered a large number of Awareness and Planning sessions for eLearning Content Development projects and has distilled this experience into a half day preparation and half day workshop. Our Awareness and Planning Workshop is designed to ensure that your Project Team are well prepared to deliver what is expected of them in an organised and structured manner. Having attended an Awareness and Planning Session, the members of your eLearning Content Development Project Team will be in a position to make the commitment required and the benefits to be realised.

The following topics are covered in our Awareness and Planning Workshop:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Discussion of Project stages and the objectives of each, including Change and Communication, Scoping and Readiness, Installation and Technical Support, Standards and Strategy, Developer Training, Content Development Cycle and Progress Reporting
  • Overview and demonstration of the Content Development tool (if required)
  • Discussion to review how the outputs of the Content Development Tool can support the various Project Phases, including Change and Communication, User Acceptance Testing, Training and Support
  • Resource Requirements and Responsibilities including Technical, Development Team Members Business Process Owners and Subject Matter Experts
  • Project Team Fast Track Training Options

The Awareness and Planning Workshop is intended to bring as many Project Team Members as possible to the same level of understanding in preparation for the successful implementation of the Content Development Tool. It should involve Project Management, Change and Communication, IT Systems, Support, Business Process Owners, Testing Manager, Training Manager as well as a Compliance and Branding Representative.