Comparison of Top eLearning Content Development Tools

Evaluation of Top eLearning Content Development Tools

There is a vast array of eLearning content development tools on the market today, with more being introduced every year, so it’s challenging to keep up to date with what is available. We are a content development, management and hosting company, and our instructional designers have a broad knowledge of eLearning content development tools accumulated […]

Making the right choice for Training Users on New Software

The sooner your users become competent and confident with your new or upgraded ERP system, the quicker the software will deliver ROI. Providing a comprehensive and well considered user training solution not only helps ensure compliance with your business processes, but it also helps increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Implementing a user training solution may […]

Effective Training and Support can drive Sales

No matter what software you are selling, you will no doubt recognise the benefits of offering some form of after-sales training – if for no other reason than to reduce the volume of support desk calls. But offering an effective Training and Support solution takes this much further, ensuring that your clients achieve successful implementations […]

Learning at Work is the most Effective Way to Learn

With Learning at Work Week just around the corner (13th to 19th May 2019 – @CforLearning) it seems pertinent to talk about the value of learning ‘on the job’. I don’t mean throwing new employees in at the deep end and letting them ‘pick it up as you go along’. I refer to a much […]

Five Reasons Why Software Vendors need a Training Partner

1. Your Business is Software Development, not Training or Support As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) the continuous development of your software product(s) or application(s) is a balancing act between the development of new features and functions that keep you ahead of the competition, and the continuous investment in resources necessary to achieve this goal. […]

Is there still life in UPK?

If, as an organisation, you have invested in Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) for the development of your learning content, you may, understandably, be concerned by Oracle’s announcement that UPK Support is being withdrawn. Despite the recent announcement that Premier UPK Support will now continue until December 2022, development in the tool will be limited […]

engage process mapping

The importance of Process Mapping in eLearning Design

Although Larmer Brown has been involved in more content development projects than I can begin to remember, developing the actual content is a small proportion of what we do. Identifying and recording the correct process (process mapping) often presents our biggest challenge! End to end processes, usually combining a new or upgraded system, result in a change […]

Building an eLearning Business Case

The True Cost of eLearning

Building an eLearning Business Case Engaging with the Project can be tricky.  The culture, politics and hierarchy have to be taken into account.  The eLearning Business Case for a Business As Usual (BAU) Team (generally comprising Learning and Development or Training personnel) is strong, but only once the Project has gone live.  From a BAU perspective […]

eLearning to Mobile Learning

From eLearning to Mobile Learning, but would we still prefer to learn in the classroom?

Only 10 years ago the challenge for those deploying training via eLearning was PC and internet technologies, with screen resolution and broadband speed being two of the biggest hurdles. As we sought a more flexible work/life balance laptops were slowly introduced. Laptops in turn have brought their own complexities in terms of remote connection and […]