Guide to Delivering Effective Training for IT Implementations

Our Guide to Delivering Effective Training for IT Implementations explores the importance of an effective training programme to support the deployment of new or upgraded software across an organisation.

Designed to aid the IT or Project Team, this free Guide explores the value of training, not only to the success of an implementation project but to the ongoing benefit of the organisation's investment in software. It outlines how your business can evaluate training solutions in order to justify the investment for the organisation.

Our Guide to Effective IT Training covers the following topics, with links to additional information:

  • The Importance of Training to a Successful IT Implementation
  • Why Invest in Training?
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • What Makes Training Effective
  • Making Training Relevant and Specific
  • Helping Retention
  • Support On-the-Job
  • Making the Right Choice


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