Content Management and Maintenance

Ensure your Training & Support Content is always up-to-date with our Content Maintenance Service

The alignment of training and support content to ensure your documentation provides an accurate representation of your system, business processes and / or legislation is crucial.

The different outputs offered by the Larmer Brown Platform can be used to ensure streamlined collaboration by every member of your project team, each supporting a different phase of your learning project. The Larmer Brown Platform alleviates the arduous task of documenting as changes are signed off, as well as providing an array of deliverables to support process documentation, testing, training and support.

However, if the development of your training and support content isn't 'owned' within your business, it is unlikely to keep pace as your system undergoes continuous configuration, or legislation and /or business processes change. Every improvement or change needs to be reflected in your content.

Whilst the development and continued maintenance of your content is not particularly difficult, until your Content Authors have sufficient exposure in order to become proficient, it can be time consuming.

Larmer Brown Content Maintenance Model

Our Content Maintenance and Management Service was introduced to help overcome these challenges. It offers you an efficient and risk-free Content Development Service, by ensuring you have access to experienced and proficient Content Authors to support, record and publish your changes as required.  This flexible and streamlined service ensures the usual documentation overhead is dramatically reduced.

Once a change request is received, our Content Authors will provide an estimate of the time required. Details of any dependencies necessary to update the materials, to reflect the changes or the reconfiguration, will also be provided, together with confirmed publish dates.

Our Content Maintenance and Management Service is available as a one, two or three year contract encompassing service levels and quality control conditions.