Oracle User Productivity Kit (Standard and Professional Editions)

Drive User Productivity and Maximise Return on Investment

The success of an enterprise application depends on employees using the software as efficiently as possible. Oracle User Productivity Kit (Standard and Professional Editions) reflects over 20 years of product development. This pedigree combines comprehensive content development with robust content and user management functionality, delivered via a customisable knowledge portal.

Web-based elearning
Classroom Manuals
Job Aids

Our Expertise

Larmer Brown offers a portfolio of UPK services developed over more than 15 years project experience. Our experience and understanding of the Professional elements of UPK exceeds any other company outside North America. Whether upgrading or implementing an application, managing change initiatives, capturing system processes or simply looking to increase user adoption, by utilising UPK Standard or Professional with Larmer Brown’s comprehensive services you can achieve the results you expect out of your investment.


Better Planning, Execution and Continual Improvement for User Productivity

Better Planning, Execution and Continual Improvement

UPK offers functionality that supports more than just end user training.

Utilising UPK early in the project design and fit/gap analysis stages enables project teams to improve communication, enforce participation and gain stakeholder support. Once the process design is approved, subject matter experts can document the system requirements and, through initial recording, multiple outputs can be created and used for blueprinting and configuration planning.

Reduce Content Development Costs and Time to Deployment

Through a single authoring session, project teams can generate multiple outputs for all phases of the project lifecyle, reducing time and costs by 40 percent. Changes or edits are automatically propagated to all outputs simultaneously, making content maintenance a simple task.

The Record It! feature provides a simplified Author environment for Subject Matter Experts and Business Process Owners. The accelerated content recording avoids the usual SME bottleneck experienced on so many projects.

Similarly, powerful translation capabilities compress time to deployment and accelerate multi-language implementations by translating template text automatically.


Reduce Content Development Costs and Time to Deployment with User Productivity Kit


Accelerate QA, Regression and User Acceptance Testing with User Productivity Kit

Accelerate QA, Regression and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Ease the burden of UAT by creating and deploying test plans and real-time performance support specifically designed for testing. Test It! simulations guide testers through a test plan and facilitate the task of documenting any issues or feedback to the project team.  Test scripts can be exported into Oracle Application Testing Suite, IBM Rational, HP Quality Centre, or into UPK Professional, providing reports for analysis and test planning.

Increase User Productivity and Ensure User Adoption

Untrained users can take four times longer than trained users to become proficient in new or upgraded applications, and they require up to six times more support.

With UPK Professional three different elearning methods allow users to watch simulations, practice in a simulated environment and test their knowledge with conceptual-based questions and assessments, to ensure system competency and increased productivity. For users who prefer traditional learning methods, classroom materials and job aids can also be published.


Increase User Productivity and Ensure Adoption with UPK



Centralised Deployment, Tracking and Reporting with User Productivity Kit Knowledge Centre

Centralised Deployment, Tracking and Reporting

Centralised content deployment, accessed by Job Role, as well as tracking and reporting functionality are offered in the web-based Knowledge Centre in UPK Professional.

Using the industry standard SCORM 2004 specifications, organisations can leverage content created outside of UPK, as well as track and report on the usage of that third party content.

With a collaborative, multi-user Developer environment, Lead Developers can easily control content production, workflow and document management - including check-in, check-out, versioning and status.

Supporting Change Management

UPK is a powerful tool for documenting the steps in a process and ensuring a consistent approach to system processes across the enterprise. This functionality can also reduce the challenges commonly associated with change management. The See It! Mode offers functionality supporting change management deliverables through each of the project phases.


Supporting Change Management with User Productivity Kit


Deliver Continual Improvement

With UPK, organisations can provide users with the right information the first time and validate their competence. This can also reduce on-boarding costs for new employees and provide continual improvement in knowledge retention.

It is well known that users will forget 70 percent of what they have learned within two weeks of training, and 87 percent within one month. These facts support the case that, once initial training is complete, there is still a need for just-in-time performance support materials.  The Do It! Mode in UPK (often referred to as electronic performance support system, or EPSS) delivers context sensitive help from the application’s help menu and/or from the browser tool bar button. This allows users to walk through a business process whilst they are live in the application, which can reduce help desk calls, improve efficiency and support ongoing proficiency.