Engage Process Suite

An easy and effective tool for process exploration and improvement

Engage Process Modeler is an innovative tool that was built specifically for workshop and LEAN studies. It provides a visual and comprehensive solution that empowers those within the organization who actually work with the process, to create, evaluate and agree optimal process scenarios. Specialist process mapping skills or knowledge is not required.

It is unique in that it provides the ability to create and review multiple business scenarios crucial when defining the "as is" versus various "to be" processes. These comparisons can then be automatically analysed in terms of time, job role, costs and other variables.

Process Mapping with Engage Process Modelerr

Process Mapping

The Engage Process Modeler adds tangible value to existing, sometimes cumbersome, business process methodology. The tool allows business teams to interactively map and evaluate processes at a granular level with Business Process Owners, and make improvements, all in one single session.

The tool provides separate visual interpretations of every discussion thread within a business process. Workshops can quickly capture and display entire scenarios graphically, including responsibility by Job Role with estimated timings.


The unique single screen interface allows business teams to work on the process model without the need to move through frames, pages or post-it notes. This ensures that all Workshop participants can follow exactly what is being discussed, documented and agreed.

A powerful analysis engine is built into the single user interface, allowing teams to perform "What-if" scenarios without having to switch to worksheets. Processes are immediately updated to enable the team to consider the impact of any suggestions. This engine also guarantees that the process is always correct, ensuring there are no infinite loops, open ends or floating processes.



Unique Single Screen Interface with Engage Process Modeler

Engage Process Modeler is a SaaS Solution

Engage Process Modeler is a "SaaS" solution accessed via the internet, so it can be activated and ready to use immediately via a browser.

It is easy to share results and models with anyone in the organisation as the Modeler includes communication links with other standard software including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Workflow Foundation. It also links into content development tools such as Oracle´s User Productivity Kit (UPK).

Save 50% of time compared with process mapping in Visio
Built for process mapping directly in "real time", i.e. workshops
Encourages team involvement and empowerment by comparing two versions of a process simultaneously in one screen
Instant, multiple view options that include value stream, swim lanes, IT interaction, input/output and many more views
Processes can be exported to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Visio, PDF and others
Ensures consistent look and feel for process maps created by different people within an organization
Functions and views in one unique, single display allows employees to participate instantly
Instant publish function to create a read-only internet environment that includes a discussion platform
Automatic process structure with easy drag and drop feature
Intuitive interface resembling Microsoft Office
Process design, analysis and improvement cycles reduced to just days
Built-in analysis function with graphical display to calculate lead times, costs, processing time and other variables

Engage Process Modeler is available in a number of different configurations, offering solutions and packages that are suitable for organisations of all sizes.

The Process Modeler is used by external and internal consultants working on process management and improvements. The Process Modeler is part of the Engage Process Suite; a complete set of process tools helping companies / organisations to better management their processes and execute process improvement efforts.