dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform

eLearning Authoring Uncompromised

The dominKnow eLearning authoring platform includes all the features you need to create engaging, media rich learning experiences. Customizable testing, flexible interaction and animation creation, advanced variables, image editing, audio/video recording, and system and author created templates are just a few examples of the powerful tools at your fingertips.

This award winning platform output 100% HTML5 and WCAG AA compliant content and publish to SCORM, AICC, Experience API (Tin Can) and PENS standards. Your content is ready for delivery  from virtually any location — be it the web, your own LMS or LRS, desktop, or print. With dominKnow, your team can easily create online, offline and mobile learning as part of their natural workflow - with no add-ons or special configurations necessary.

Collaborate in Realtime
Harness the power of your entire team (authors, designers, experts) with real-time collaboration
Share and Reuse Resources
Quickly access, repurpose, or reuse content across any project, at any time
Engage Reviewers
Get feedback from subject matter experts — wherever they are located, on the devices they choose to use
Be Ready for Today and Tomorrow
HTML5 compliant output ensures your training is accessible on today’s and tomorrow’s technology
Author Once, For All Devices
Responsive and adaptive output lets you author once for all devices, all from a single source

Author in the Mode that Best Fits the Learning Need

Whether you need to make fully-responsive content, a fixed-layout eLearning course or a software simulation, it’s easy to get started in the dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform. Just pick an authoring mode and start creating engaging learning.

Flow outputs fully responsive and adaptive content so you don't have to worry about specific devices or multiple versions of the same content.
Claro courses are designed for a fixed layout, but are HTML-5 based and scalable for viewing on laptops and desktop computers as well as mobile devices.
Use Capture to create cross-platform, software simulations for stand alone use or integration with other learning content.

Create with Ease

The dominKnow eLearning authoring platform is very simple to use with an intuitive interface that allows new Authors to start designing media-rich learning experiences quickly. Built-in development tools and a library of templates enable Authors to create almost any learning activity imaginable.

While the dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform comes with more than 100 fully editable and interactive eLearning and mLearning templates, as well as a custom theme designer, it is much more powerful than that. Many advanced features enable Authors to go beyond simple template-based content, creating their own custom content to cover almost any learning activity.

Author Anything with The dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform


Collaborate, Share and Reuse with the dominKnow eLearning Authoring Platform


Real-time Collaboration, Asset Management and Sharing

All assets are stored in one central location in the dominKnow eLearning platform so anyone on the development team can quickly access, repurpose or re-use content across any project at any time. Data is stored in a secure, password-protected environment, with automatic back-up and version control. All development is tracked and monitored so you know who made what changes and when.

Team members can collaborate in real-time using built-in design and tracking tools. Authors are able to share resources, co-author content and get feedback from an unlimited number of content reviewers.

Going Mobile

dominKnow’s mobile player offers an integrated way to deliver training content to any user - at home, at the office, or on the road. Learners can access content where and when they want it, on any mobile iOS or Android device, without the need for continuous internet connectivity - providing an on-device content library with full synchronisation back to your LMS.

If your LMS doesn't have a mobile content player, you or your LMS vendor can take full advantage of dominKnow's open API to integrate the player with your system.

dominKnow mobile player


Award Winning

Industry experts cite dominKnow’s elearning products as the best-in-class year after year.

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