Microsoft Custom Content Builder - Frequently Asked Questions

What Pre-Built Microsoft Content is available for Custom Content Builder?

We have developed a comprehensive library of Learning Content for Microsoft Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2003, Windows 7 and Vista using Microsoft Custom Content Builder. Titles within Microsoft Office include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access.

What additional value does this Content offer over the free help that is available with Microsoft software as standard ?

We know that Users learn by practical means and our Microsoft Custom Content Builder Learning Content enables them to complete a task within a simulation of the application, i.e. Word, Excel, etc. at their own pace. Users are provided with a number of different play back modes including a desktop video that steps them through a process whilst in the actual application. There are also step-by-step, printable, Quick Reference Guides that Users can utilise as an additional prompt if required.

Our Content can also be filtered by Job Role so that users are able to view the topics that are specifically applicable to them.

Content can be branded to suit your organisational requirements to further enhance the User experience.

All of the Content is SCORM and AICC compliant and can be integrated into your own Learning Management System.

What are the deployment options?

There are a number of ways to deploy the Learning Content for Microsoft Custom Content Builder, depending upon your business requirements. The Content can be delivered as eLearning modules accessed via Custom Content Builder´s web-based browser. It is also provided in a printable format and can therefore be used in the classroom or supplied as Quick Reference Guides for on-the-job learning. This enables you to offer a blended approach, combining classroom training with self-paced learning, which can be either computer-based or delivered via a mobile device. The Content has been developed to both AICC and SCORM standards and can therefore be deployed via a compliant Learning Management System.

Larmer Brown´s Hosted Solution is offered as a fully accessible cloud option or as a Managed Service. For example, we can provide secure hosting and you manage this system via a secure VPN.

Alternatively, we can create a solution to incorporate all your Microsoft Custom Content Builder Learning Content (not just MS Office) and provide personal online learning for individual Users. In addition to this assessments can be configured to vary pass rates by Job Role with customised hierarchical reports created to reflect usage and achievement.

In what format is the Content shipped?

If the Content is purchased with Custom Content Builder to enable customisation, it will be shipped and installed as a package and full support is provided. If Content is provided separately, we prefer to ship this electronically either via an FTP site or a service such as dropbox. Alternatively we can burn the content onto DVDs and post this to you.

Can the Content be edited?

The Content is fully editable with Custom Content Builder although a CCB Developer Licence is required if you do wish to undertake your own customisations against Microsoft applications. User Licenses are also provided, enabling you to deploy the Content across your enterprise.

Can we get reports on the progress of Users?

The Learning Content includes questions and assessments enabling you to test Users on their learning. These can work with your own Learning Management System or you can use The Knowledge Center within Custom Content Builder to track Users´ progress as well as assess competency.

Additional functionality is available with Custom Content Builder that enables you to track and assess competency of users via pre- and post- assessments.

How much hard drive space is required?

Between 500MB and 4GB of physical storage is adequate for most implementations.

What are the Purchasing and Pricing Options?

Microsoft Custom Content Builder can be purchased via several flexible arrangements:

  • Outright purchase via Perpetual Licence, plus optional Maintenance and Support.
  • Annual Lease Agreements including Maintenance and Support.
  • Managed Service hosted by Larmer Brown for either of the options above.

Is there a maximum number of users that can access the Library Content?

There is not a maximum number of users that can use Microsoft Custom Content Builder, as long as they are all covered by a Licence. Technically, the total number of Users will depend on your infrastructure.

Custom Content Builder can only be used to create and edit Microsoft Content and this is applicable to any MS application.

Does the pricing package include any Services or Support for implementation?

The full package price includes two days consultancy to utilise as required. This generally includes some customisation to the Content, including branding, as well as installation of the software but could also encompass some support and training if required.

What are the benefits of Leasing Custom Content Builder rather than outright purchase?

If you purchase Custom Content Builder on an Annual Lease Larmer Brown offers full support during the Lease period. You also have the opportunity to swap out Course Titles during the period of your Lease. For example, if you upgrade from Office 2010 to Office 2013 you may wish to swap the Office 2010 Content previously installed for Office 2013 in order to deliver additional training to your Users.

Is the Content Microsoft Approved?

The Learning Content is not Microsoft approved. However, as a Microsoft Gold Partner we have ensured that the Content covers all of the Microsoft Office Specialist Curriculum.

Is the Content available in other languages?

The Content is provided in English but can be translated into up to 14 other languages. There would be an additional charge for this service. Please speak with a member of our Content Sales Team.