CA Productivity Accelerator - The key to successful User Adoption

With CA PA for Clarity, our team spends 50% less time creating training documentation

Large Telecommunication Provider

We have cut our content development time down to 1/6 of the time it used to take.


Immediate access to training materials via performance support means that we maintain our Service Level Agreements.

State Government Agency

Realise the Return on your Software Investment more Quickly with CA PA

It is a challenge to create training materials and continue to keep them up to date with the changes in the solution. It is also  a challenge to continue to train new users as you experience turnover, transfers, bringing new business units on the system, etc. typically doing all of this work takes a great deal of time away from your administrators and subject matter experts. Having a user adoption solution that allows you to create many types of training and support materials with a single development effort can help you overcome this challenge.



Readiness Training and Production Support Materials

Job Aids
Classroom Manuals
Web-based eLearning

One Syncronized Content Platform

With all of your materials in a central repository, you can deliver a broad range of readiness training and production support materials more efficiently and effectively. You create the content once and publish it in multiple formats for readiness training and production support. This saves you time in the process of developing and keeping your content up to date.

CA Productivity Accelerator User Adoption Outputs

Accelerator User Adoption with Pre-built Content for CA PA

Accelerate Content Development with Base Content

Accelerate the time to value with your CA Solution by receiving instant access to a library of pre-built, professional-quality content for several products including CA PPM, CA Service Desk, CA Application Delivery, CA Application Performance Manager, CA Software Change Management, CA Automation and CA Workload Automation. The content can be purchased as an add-on to CA PA licenses or as stand-alone; these libraries contain content modules specifically created for each solution’s out-of-the-box functionality.

CA Productivity Accelerator v12.1: What’s New and Advanced Features