We offer eLearning tools to support your entire Project

Through partnerships with key application vendors and software organizations Larmer Brown is able to offer clients a range of eLearning tools to support their entire Project from Business Process Mapping to Content Development and Delivery. We appreciate that one tool will not suit every organization's needs and therefore provide our clients with a broad selection of tools and are able to support them in making the choice that is right for them.

In this section you will find detailed information about each of the tools that Larmer Brown offers, as well as our technical and training services to support implementation.

Larmer Brown Platform

The Larmer Brown Platform is a powerful subscription-based learning platform for content creation and deployment. Encompassing a range of complementary products and services, our solution helps you manage all aspects of learning, including rollout and performance support, change management, compliance and soft skills training


domiKnow Authoring Platform


A new breed of web-based authoring and publishing software that stores all project assets in one central location enabling the creation of content that is accessible online, offline and via a mobile device



Engage Process Modeler






Engage Lean Process Modeler

An innovative tool that was built specifically for workshop and LEAN studies. It provides a visual and comprehensive solution that empowers those within the organization who actually work with the process, to create, evaluate and agree multiple business scenarios


 Oracle User Productivity Kit

Oracle User Productivity Kit

Combines rapid content development and deployment with content and user management functionality, delivered via a customisable knowledge portal