Pre-built Learning Content

Due to timescales and restricted budgets it is not always possible to produce your own learning content. Utilising Pre-built Learning Content not only saves you time and budget but also provides the opportunity to upskill your users faster.

Our Pre-built Learning Content includes classroom training materials, eLearning simulations and quick reference guides, allowing you to utilise the material in whatever method suits your users, or providing a blended learning solution.

One of our clients chose our Microsoft library content to give them a head start in training 300 staff on the latest version of Microsoft Office. By utilising this pre-built content they were able to reduce the time spent on creating training manuals from scratch, from approximately four to six weeks, to around two weeks. This provided the ability to deliver training more rapidly rather than spending vast amounts of time generating the content.

All of our courses include student class files enabling you to include hands-on sessions and exercises within your training programme. The content can also be customised to reflect your corporate branding and style as well as any specific learning requirements your staff may have.