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UPK 12.1
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User Acceptance Testing
User Productivity Kit
  • Connect Plus Services -Learning Solution
    Read More
    Combining process modelling, content development and content management for a bespoke and affordable learning solution
  • Oracle UPK Professional
    Read More
    Larmer Brown explores the differences between Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK) Standard and Professional editions
  • UPK Knowledge Center deployment
    Read More
    Extend the life of your UPK Knowledge Center by deploying UPK and third-party learning content
  • Read More
    By offering a Training and Support solution that can be bundled with your software sale, you open the door to new revenue
  • Enhancements for UPK
    Read More
    Larmer Brown introduces the New Features of Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK) Version 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 1
  • Read More
    Five reasons why Software Vendors need a Training Partner to increase sales and drive business growth
  • eLearning to Mobile Learning
    Read More
    From eLearning to Mobile Learning, would we prefer to learn in the classroom? Larmer Brown examines the mobile trend
  • Learning Content wordmap
    Read More
    Give UPK Content a Face-Lift with some quick and simple ideas to help meet today's learner expectations
  • Read More
    Is there still life in UPK? Oracle's phased withdrawal of UPK support shouldn’t cause large scale panic
  • Read More
    Larmer Brown integrates SAP Enable Now into the Larmer Brown Platform through a Partnership Agreement
  • Larmer Brown Shortlisted for eLearning Awards
    Read More
    Larmer Brown is shortlisted for Excellence in Production of Learning Content at Learning Technologies eLearning Awards 2015
  • Read More
    A structured approach to learning 'on the job' offers the most effective way to learn
  • Rapid Authoring for eLearning
    Read More
    When selecting a rapid authoring tool for eLearning choose a tool that is flexible, offering templates for ease of developmen...
  • responsive eLearning with dominKnow Flow
    Read More
    There is much to consider when designing eLearning for multiple screens. dominKnow's Flow offers truly responsive design
  • engage process mapping
    Read More
    Identifying and mapping processes presents a challenge but is essential to the success of an eLearning project
  • Building an eLearning Business Case
    Read More
    The True Cost of eLearning - Larmer Brown offers advice on building a business case for your next eLearning Project
  • using upk for User Acceptance Testing
    Read More
    Exploring the Testing Capabilities of UPK: Using Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK) for User Acceptance Testing
  • Support for UPK Version
    Read More
    Larmer Brown introduces the New Features of Oracle's User Productivity Kit (UPK) Version 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 2
  • What's new in UPK 12.1
    Read More
    Discover the new features of Oracle User Productivity Kit version 12.1 with Larmer Brown's concise overview
  • Oracle User Productivity Kit
    Read More
    The release of UPK 12.1 ESP3 is an opportune time to explore the new features and enhancements since UPK 12.1 in Spring 2014

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