UPK Knowledge Center deployment

Deployment of Learning Content using the UPK Knowledge Center

The UPK Knowledge Center offers SCORM-compliant management and deployment of content and is known as a Learning Content Management System (LCMS). It has been shipped with UPK as an integrated module since 2006, but many UPK users don’t utilise it to its full potential. If it’s configured correctly, the UPK Knowledge Center can meet, and […]

Learning Content wordmap

Give UPK Content a Face-Lift

When Oracle announced end of life for User Productivity Kit (UPK), we undertook a comprehensive analysis to identify alternative products. What we realised when we were reviewing these other tools was how much the market has changed and as a tool that is now more than 20 years old, UPK is not only competing with […]

Rapid Authoring for eLearning

Rapid Authoring for eLearning Development

What do we mean by rapid authoring? Well, it is essentially (just as it sounds) a tool that enables you to develop an engaging and appealing eLearning course, from start to finish, quickly and easily, without requiring you to build everything from the ground up. When selecting a rapid authoring eLearning tool, there is certainly […]

responsive eLearning with dominKnow Flow

Responsive eLearning Design with dominKnow Flow

Gartner predicted that by 2018 people would own at least three personal devices, with 60% of the population in mature tech markets using a variety of screen-based devices to achieve specific tasks. If we consider this alongside the increasing prominence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programmes amongst employers (Gartner also predicted that 70% of […]

Oracle User Productivity Kit

Why upgrade to UPK 12.1 ESP 3?

New UPK enhancements since version 12.1Oracle User Productivity Kit – UPK 12.1 ESP 3 has just been released and is now available for download from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Many existing UPK Developers may not yet have taken advantage of earlier service pack releases in version 12.1, so this is an opportune time to provide […]

Support for UPK Version

What’s New in UPK

To coincide with OpenWorld at the end of October, Oracle announced the release of UPK Version (Enablement Service Pack 2). Although ‘only’ a service pack release and not a version update it does still bring many new features for existing UPK users to get excited about, not least of which is the new Record It! […]

Oracle UPK Professional

Demystifying UPK Professional

Oracle’s User Productivity Kit (UPK) is primarily a content development tool that can capture system process steps in any IT system. From a single capture it can create multiple online and documentation outputs to accelerate User Acceptance Testing, Training, User Adoption and Knowledge Retention. UPK is currently shipped in two versions; UPK Standard and UPK […]